Bucks Co-Owner Wes Edens Shares His Upbringing And New-Found Love Of Milwaukee

Wes Edens is an expert entrepreneur and one of the two co-owners of the Milwaukee Bucks NBA franchise. He was born and raised on a ranch in Montana. His father was a psychologist and his mother taught at a local school. He says that he learned empathy from both of his parents and how to look at the perspective of other people. This has helped him grow professionally and act as an investor. His parents also both really love the outdoors which has also become a big part of his working life. After completing high school Wes Edens attended Montana State University. He finished his first year there and decided that he needed to leave Montana in order to really develop into his own person.

He decided to go to Oregon State University where he completed his education. This university was close enough to Montana while still being its own separate world. When Wes Edens graduated he moved to California for a bit and then moved on to New York City. He thought he would be in New York temporarily but is still living there after thirty plus years. He has been in the financial industry throughout his career and is a professional private equity investor. He has helped to develop many companies over the years in multiple industries such as transportation and health care.

When he first arrived in Milwaukee, interested in buying the Bucks, he didn’t know a whole lot about the city. According to Wes didn’t know how close it was to the lake, for example. He saw a whole side of the city that he didn’t know existed and thinks that and thinks the city should advertise what they really are about. He also thinks the chamber of commerce should do a bit of work because people don’t know what a great community it is. Wes Edens says that winter in Milwaukee is pretty cold but the summers make up for it. He really enjoys the summer music festival which might be the biggest one in America. It’s out by the lake which he really likes which is why he had the Bucks new stadium built by the lake as well.
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Michael Nierenberg and His Leadership at New Residential Investment Corporation

Michael Nierenberg is interested in seeing how to navigate this new dynamic that is present within the real estate markets. The real estate markets will continue to serve as some form of store of value, individuals believe it will continue to rise and appreciate over time. Real estate properties also have the advantage of providing owners with individuals who will seek to rent out the properties, as such, providing the owners of such property with continuous cashflows so as long as the tenant resides therein and pays their bills on a regular basis. Now, these are fundamental properties of real estate and why individuals see value in purchasing properties.

Michael Nierenberg wants to dig in with the New Residential Investment Corporation and find out how different structures in financing and the varied changes in the real estate landscape can provide valuable investment opportunities for him and his company. Michael Nierenberg wants to continue to bring new life into the New Residential Investment Corporation by looking at Real-Estate-Investment Trusts and how they may play role in a larger portfolio as well. Michael Nierenberg says in recent profiles of how there are several types of real estate investment trusts, but the most popular ones are equity real-estate-investment trusts and mortgage real estate investment trusts.

More individuals are aware of the former than of the latter. A strong appeal to investors of REITS is the fact that they bring in dividends and can be a good investment over the long term if it isn’t overvalued. Individuals can gain income through dividends and will be able to realize an increase in their investment if there is an overall price increase as the company progresses and gains value over time. The New Residential Investment Corporation has a strong focus on bringing in more value, figuring out and implementing strategies to provide investors with capital appreciation and positive results for years to come.

Michael Nierenberg Utilizes his Experience and Expertise to Make Change

This firm is a subsidiary company of the Fortress Investment Group. Other executives at New Residential Investment Corp include Douglas Lee Jacobs, Kevin J. Finnerty, David Saltzman, Andrew Sloves, Gary Stephen Gladstein, and Mandy Cheuk.

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“How Marc Beer is Using Technology to Lower the Cost of Treating Pelvic Floor Disorders “

Renovia Inc., a medical startup that is currently interested in solving pelvic floor disorders has been able to achieve its intended results within a short period. The company, co-founded by Marc Beer, an experienced and connected medical expert has been able to raise funds most of which will be used to enhance its operations in the country. The medical startup is interested in coming up with diagnostic strategies that will help women with medical inconsistence to solve their problem and operate normally. Pelvic floor disorder is a rare disease, but recent trends show that it is a common disorder that women are struggling to control.

For a longer period, pelvic floor disorder has remained to be a disease that women find it difficult to control. There is no sufficient information available in the medical centers and also in various public places. This means that people experiencing pelvic floor disorder don’t know what they can do about their medical problems, and most of them sit and wait. This is a critical situation that can cause the disease to grow in strength and reach to levels where it cannot be managed. Renovia Inc. has brought an innovation that hosts a platform where people can learn more about urinary tract infection.

The platform allows women to log in and keep track of the symptoms they are likely to be experiencing. This is an early approach that helps individuals to understand when they are suffering from pelvic floor disorder. There is sufficient information about the condition such that women can easily understand what is happening with their health issues. This innovation helps women to understand when they are experiencing urinary inconsistency and when they should consult medical experts for checkups. The platform is very useful to women who do not have background on pelvic floor symptoms and other related diseases.

Renovia Inc. platform has been very useful in passing information to women and helping them to understand about various diseases facing women. It does not only provide them with detailed data, but it helps people with pelvic floor disorders to seek medical attention within a short period before the costs can be too high. Most of the people can now seek medication immediately they experience any sign or symptom that could portray that they are experiencing pelvic challenges. Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/marc-beer/

About Marc Beer

Marc Beer is an experienced pharmaceutical marketer who understands how to come up with technological devices, and market them to the medical industry. He is highly focused on medical devices that can help in relieving pain and solving some of the medical challenges facing people around the world. Renovia Inc. is Beer’s brainchild where he is using the organization to solve pelvic floor disorders among women.

Agera Energy will help you Grow

Agera Energy has been the founder of great electrical and natural gas distribution since the year of 2013. They have proven themselves through dedication that has led to becoming the most efficient and tactical electrical distribution operation in the world. They have no concerns of what it is unimportant and always focuses upon the greater sides of things that have positive and productive outcomes.

If they encounter any sort of fault, they use it to craft their own being into a more effective corporation that always does what is best, no matter what. Agera Energy will never leave you in the dark on any aspect of things, even if it means that have to lose some potential profit in the process. Learn More.

Igor Cornelson’s Investment Guide That Even Beginners Can Follow

As one of the successful investors in Brazil, Igor Cornelson and his path to financial freedom is unlike others. Instead of taking Finance-related courses during his education days, Cornelson is a studied of engineering at the Federal University of Parana. However, when the field of Economics caught his attention, he never let it go and switched to an Economics course.

Igor Cornelson worked in a lot of banks throughout his career. First, he served as an investment banker in Multibanco. He worked hard until he reached the highest office. Multibanco was acquired by Bank of America. After his time in the former firm, he also worked at Unibanco and Libra Bank PLC. While he is serving his clients during his time in different financial firms, Cornelson developed his skills as an investor. These skills and his past experiences in the corporate world made him one of the biggest and most successful investors in his country.

Investing Tips from Igor Cornelson

1. In avoiding financial loss

According to Igor Cornelson, there is the perfect time for perfect opportunities. That is the reason why timing is more important than capital. There are times when the investor needs to lose some of its capital in order to realize a bigger gain. However, if losing continues, it is better to cut loses and think of a better strategy.

2. In starting investment

Investing is never too late, but would be better if started early. This is because gains in investment also depend on the time it was started. The earlier you started, the more gains in both capital, skills, and experience will be reaped.

3. In working with a mentor

Getting a grasp in investing is doable, but is easier when a mentor is involved. The learning curve is shorter, and real learning begins early.

4. In diversifying the portfolio

If you put everything in one place, you either win in double or lose everything you have. The purpose of the investment is to gain as much as possible. Putting investment in a diversified portfolio cushions risks.

Victoria Doramus : Hope Through Action

As one of New York’s most active philanthropist, Victoria Doramus has fully committed to not only giving back to various charities around the country but also promoting them to the general public. To really understand the level of action she has taken, here are a list of some of the charitable organizations that Victoria Doramus actively participates with.

The Amy Winehouse Foundation

The organization bears the name of the late singer Amy Winehouse. Unfortunately, at the age of 27, Amy passed away from alcohol poisoning. Today the organization which was formed by her family and friends works to prevent these issues from arising in young people and helping those who are struggling with addiction in finding support.

Women’s Prison Association

Through the WPA, Victoria Doramus has been able to help women who have been convicted of crimes such as theft or drug-related charges find prison time alternatives such as finding them a safe house, reuniting them with their children and educating them on the importance of money management. Through the education and tools provided by the WPA, women are given a second chance at life.

Room to Read

Another organization close to Victoria Doramus’s heart is Room to Read, a non-profit organization committed to end gender inequality around the world as well as improve literacy. Since its establishment in the year 2000, over 20,000 communities have benefited from their work.

Best Friends Animal Society

Although Victoria Doramus works with plenty of organizations that benefit mankind, she never forgets that other species are in need as well. Through her work with the Best Friends Animal Society, Victoria Doramus has been able to not only promote but convert many animal shelters across the country into no-kill shelters. Since its founding in the 1980s, The best friends animal society has been able to save millions of pets from being killed and many more in finding a loving home.

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Hard Work And Giving Back Drive Ryan Seacrest

Being a hard working person is something many of us believe we have achieved, but few of us can compare to the defining work ethic of “American Idol” host, Ryan Seacrest. At any one time, Seacrest can be found holding down upwards of ten jobs within the media including his daily jobs as co-host of “Live! With Kelly and Ryan” for ABC. Seacrest has become one of the best-known figures on the TV and radio waves but always remembers he needs to give something back to the communities he touches.

If you are looking to match the success of Ryan Seacrest you should begin by rising as early as possible, usually around five each morning. Not only does the brains behind the reality TV juggernaut, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” wake early her makes sure he starts each day with some form of exercise. The Atlanta, Georgia native recently made the move to New York to work with Kelly Ripa and indulges his love of exercise with spin classes and boxing lessons.

One may wonder why Ryan Seacrest is so determined to remain healthy? The media mogul is quick to explain his days as an unhealthy youth eating nachos each day after school and shopping in the husky section of department stores. Each day begins with healthy tea and exercise as Ryan Seacrest understands the need to remain healthy if one hopes to achieve their best in their career and everyday life.

Not only does Ryan Seacrest ensure his health is perfect, he hopes to protect his karma by building on his philanthropic work which includes being a patron of the arts in California. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation has become a popular way for patients in children’s hospitals around the U.S. to learn about the media. Radio and TV shows are produced in Seacrest Studios for patients to enjoy across a hospital campus alongside various scholarship programs for patients to enjoy.

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Sameer Jejurikar: Plastic Surgeon, Speaker & Medical Scholar

Are you generally interested in the art of plastic surgery? Would you be willing to undergo plastic surgery to correct a physical imbalance? Do you reside near Dallas, Texas? If you answered yes to any of the questions, then you could benefit from the work of Sameer Jejurikar. This man is one Texas’ top plastic surgeons. He has received a medical doctorate from the University of Michigan Medical School, which is a top 25 medical facility. As of 2019, he is currently employed at one of Texas’ top medical-aesthetic facilities. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar works his magic at Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. He has a specialty for doing exceptional work with Brazilian butt lifts, but his range allows him to work on the face, eyes and nose.

Dr. Jejurikar has definitely put in the work to become such a huge success. He is well-liked and is well-accomplished. This extraordinary doctor is very fluent in English and Spanish. He has won various industry-related awards, including the Compassionate Doctor Award and the Healthgrades Honor Roll. All of his patients have spoken great things about this man. He truly listens to what his patients have to say, and he takes everything into consideration. Dr. Jejurikar has been on a mission to make safety a priority in plastic surgery. He has done so by partnering with other board-certified plastic surgeons to form a special task force. This special task force is known as the Fat Grafting Gluteal Task Force.

Since plastic surgery is at an all-time high in modern-day society, safety risks have increased. Yes, you’ll have to take the bad along with taking the good. This is why he has led the charge in finding safety solutions for this exclusive field. Jejurikar also has a firm backing of support from the American Society of Plastic Surgery.

Steve Ritchie Makes a Point to Help Make Papa John’s Better

Working as the CEO wasn’t always something Steve Ritchie had in mind when he started at Papa John’s. He knew there were things that would help more people get what they were looking for and that’s what pushed him to succeed in every role he held with the company. It was is goal to always push to make things better for the people who needed them and to make everything better for the people who were in a better position with the company. In addition to making sure others have the options they need, Steve Ritchie felt he was doing the best job possible to help them. It gave him the motivation he needed to succeed and also pushed to help others through these experiences. As long as Steve Ritchie knew there were options he could take into consideration, he felt compelled to make a decision to help others through these opportunities.

Even when Steve Ritchie knew what the company wanted and what they could get from the business[C1] , he felt there were options he would have to use to make things better for everyone who needed them. It was his goal to always give back and always make sure Papa John’s had what they needed. It was also something that pushed him to focus on bringing change to the industry. Since he spent a lot of time coming up with these opportunities, he felt good about giving them to the people who worked for him.

Customers also get a chance to try things differently based on how hard Steve Ritchie worked with the company. He wanted others to realize they could try things on their own and the company would be able to succeed no matter what happened. Thanks to his hard work in different positions, Steve Ritchie could give more customers what they were looking for. He felt that they would have more options than ever before and that would help them see how they could make more out of their experiences with Papa John’s. Doing this allowed him to help even more people than he was able to help in other positions with the company.


Ryan Seacrest still making waves in media and entertainment

Ryan Seacrest is one of the most famous American radio and cable television hosts. Ryan is credited with hosting some of the most famous and successful shows in America. He brings you nationally syndicated radio and local radio shows and has joined a team of award-winning hosts at E as well as earning a permanent co-hosting job alongside Kelly Ripa. He is a philanthropic person and an entrepreneur whose interests are in the entertainment as well as media. Seacrest has philanthropic efforts that are geared towards youth-oriented initiatives and so far, they are having a great significant impact across the country.

On the radio, Ryan is the presenter of the On Air with Ryan Seacrest; a number one nationally syndicated moving drive time show that airs on KIIS-FM that is owned by iHeartMedia. He also presents the Top 40 radio show, which is also nationally syndicated. Ryan Seacrest is the host and executive producer of Dick Clark’s New Year Rockin’ with Ryan Seacrest, an ABC’s New Year’s Eve program. Ryan’s television hosting prowess has also earned him a hosting slot on the American Idol, an iconic music competition series.

In 2006, he founded the Ryan Seacrest Production, an entertainment production company that has gone ahead to win an Emmy. Ryan Seacrest Production is also credited with producing scripted, unscripted, and digital programming. RSP is responsible for shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashian; I Love Kellie Pickler, Live from the Red Carpet, Shas of Sunset, Shades of Blue, which stars Jenifer Lopez and airs on NBC and the award-winning reality television series, Jaimie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

Ryan has invested in media and entertainment company through the Civic Entertainment Group, a marketing services company, Attn; and Pinterest. They all run under the Seacrest Global Group. He has also forayed into the fashion world through the establishment of Ryan Seacrest Distinction as well as Polished by Dr. Lancer, a men’s skincare line.

His philanthropy is undertaken through the Ryan Seacrest Foundation which as different media centers across different pediatric hospitals in various cities. He also has youth-oriented initiatives center in education that aims to inspire the young generation through entertainment.

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