A Fantastic Way for Teachers and Parents to Interact

When you think about parents and teachers communicating on behalf of the child it brings to mind those quarterly parent/teacher conferences where you really do not get much of a chance to talk as other parents are waiting, so as a parent you basically get a stripped down description of the last few months of the child’s education. This is all changing with the ClassDojo app. This app allows parents and teachers to communicate at any time through private text messaging and it also allows teachers to share photos and videos of the child so that parents can see their child at school and the classwork or projects they are working on. This app has opened the doors of communication between parents and teachers like they have never had before. Parents can feel confident in knowing that they are being updated on their child and they will also enjoy seeing their child interact at school.

Teachers and administrators can also post upcoming important events on the calendar section of the app that informs the parents of things they need to attend in the future. The parents will stay informed in this regard and make plans to attend events listed if able.

The students are also able to post photos and videos to their own personal digital portfolio that allows them to showcase all of their hard work so their parents can see. This is a confident booster for them as they have their work right there to view.

Class Dojo is now in approximately two-thirds of the classrooms all across the United States and that number is growing. This app bridges the gap in the communication lines between parents and teachers like never before and helps everyone to feel confident that the child’s education is on the forefront and that everyone is involved in their education. Parents can feel confident that any issues that need addressed will be directly sent to them and they can help their child with any problems they have in their work. Seeing their child in the classroom environment through photos and videos only helps the parents to feel more involved in their child’s education and thus able to help them more.

U.S Money Reserve Dedication And Commitment To Excellency

The largest private distributor of US and foreign government issued high-quality precious metal legal tender products, has been recognized for excellent and creative work. U.S Money Reserve received four awards at the Annual Videographer Awards.

The awards are administered by Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP). The members and the judges of AMCP seek individuals and companies whose work serves as a measure for the industry and whose talent goes beyond the high standards of excellence.

The international organization comprises of thousands of public relation, freelance, communication, marketing, advertisement and media production professionals who have enrolled in the AMCP programs. The awards have three distinct levels namely Honorable Mention, Award of Distinction and Award of Excellence which are awarded in 20 categories.

The U.S Money Reserve was awarded two awards for Excellence in Creativity TV/ Cinematography and TV Commercial Products categories. The Excellence Award is the top award for projects that have been edited, shot, produced and written in a phenomenal way.

The spot entitled, Pearl Harbor Show, won the Award of Distinction and Honorable Mention. According to Ispot.tv, The international recognition depicts unique talent of the marketing, media and production teams of Money Reserve. The team brings the heart of the business to life through the participation of loyal customers.

Money Reserve has exceptional customer services and trained professional team with expert knowledge in the precious metal market. It offers products that have a high potential of yielding profit for the customers.

The products that US Money Reserve offers are gold and silver bullion coins, certified gold and silver coins and gold and silver bars. The bars and coins are available in different sizes ranging from 1oz to 1 kg. The most popular silver bullion coin is the 1oz Silver American Eagle, and the 100oz silver bar is the most common.

The gold bullion coins that are on demand are the 22 and 24-karat gold while as, the 10oz and 1oz Perth Mint gold bars and privately minted 1-kilo gold bars are most popular. There are several popular certified gold coins which include Burnished Gold American Eagles, Proof Gold American Eagles and Ultra High Relief Gold Eagle Coin.

Owning precious metal is a cost-efficient solution and has many benefits such as diversifying your wealth and protecting your money.

The company which was founded in 2001 and is based in Austin Texas has coins researchers and numismatic professionals who work hard to ensure a long-term relationship with the customers.

Squaw Valley Ski with CEO Andy Wirth

The Squaw Valley Resort is currently in the process of a massive expansion plan. The development plan of the resort has passed another hurdle in the process of approval. The Placer County Planning Commission has given the resort thumbs up, and the project will proceed to the final approval by the County Board of Supervisors.

The CEO of Squaw Valley, Andy Wirth, acknowledged the civility of their meeting and discussion about the aspects surrounding the expansion of the resort. However, there lies an inherent impediment to traffic.

The director of League to Save Lake Tahoe, Jesse Patterson, is concerned that the town may not be able to approve more excellent projects as there would be no room left for traffic. The CEO of Squaw Resort is interested and committed to leading the charge to come up with solutions to the traffic issue.

The resort has incredible initiative for all of the Placer County, which entails funding a mass transit system that will be reliable for the whole of Lake Tahoe region. Jesse Patterson of the League recognized the genuineness of Andy’s initiative. The Placer County is experiencing new mushrooming projects for the good of the whole region.

About Andy Wirth

Andy Wirth has had a connection with the mountain hotel and resort industry throughout his entire life. Now the current CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, Wirth boasts of more than 25 years of extensive experience, which will make the ski a prime tourist destination in the world during winter.

Born in Nuebrucke, West Germany, Andy Wirth attended the Colorado University, where he made his first step into the industry. He later went to Edinburgh University in Scotland to further his studies.

It was during this period that Andy came across Rocky Mountain National Parks and gained relevant experience as a backcountry ranger. At San Pedro Parks Wilderness Area, he gained experience as a wilderness ranger.

According to Bloomberg and Powder, on his college completion, Andy Wirth began his professional path in 1986 working as an intern at the Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation. For over two decades, he served various positions until he received a promotion to the parent firm, Intrawest.

In 2006, the company acquired Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation, and Andy was quickly made the Chief Marketing Officer and the Vice President of marketing and sales as well.

He then took other roles such as the presidency of the Mountain Village Partnership, up until 2010. Andy became the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Resort in 2010. He has responsibly overseen the resort’s upgrade of $70 million. His administration has made notable moves that have placed the ski in a strategic point with its competitors.

Fashionable Athletic-wear with Fabletics

If you love athletic clothing, Kate Hudson and subscription-based websites, you have probably heard of the brand Fabletics. Perhaps you have even got out the old credit card and ordered an outfit or two from the popular online retailer. Sports bras, capris and even swimwear are available with Fabletics and ready to be shipped to your door; that’s two or there pieces for a mere $50. Now, this is a fantastic idea, but what if you are unsure of the fit? Racked reports that Kate has taken care of that issue!

In the next three to five years, the booming company is set to open around 100 stores for customers to have an opportunity to try on items previously only available on the popular website. Retail workers will also attempt to entice new buyers to sign up with the brand. This is a huge step for the company, and will surely boost revenue as well. Co-founder and co-CEO Adam Goldenberg of Fabletics assures Racked that any complaints are few and far between, though the brand certainly strives for perfection.

The big draw of Fabletics is that it is comparable to Lululemon and Nike brand athletic apparel on Popsugar.com, but at a much more reasonable price point. The majority of reviews love the items, with just a few pieces being knocked for an oversized fit. The capris and pants seem to be among the most popular on the site, but with the newest additions of dresses and swimwear fit for an active gal, that may be changing soon. Who wouldn’t love a sexy, yet comfortable little black dress for that night out on the town?

Subscription-based websites seem to be flooding the market recently, but Fabletics is definitely among the more popular options for young women looking for attractive workout gear. The most appealing part of the brand is perhaps that the consumer is able to skip months where they do not find an outfit that they love. This saves money, but keeps the brand in their back pocket for the next time they would like to shop. Give it a try, after taking a short style quiz, you may just find your next favorite pair of gym capris. Reference: https://www.facebook.com/Fabletics/

Doe Deere Continues Having Fun with Lime Crime

Doe Deere is more than a pretty face. Her make-up brush has made her a successful business woman and an artist who just recently was named one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made Magazine. Ms. Deere is the founder, CEO, and owner of Lime Crime make-up. This cosmetic juggernaut born in Russia but reared in New York describes herself as a fearless unicorn who because of her childish imagination now makes a living creating color as an adult.

Deere’s colorful dream was launched in 2008. Her vision of bold colors was launched primarily because she was unable to buy make-up colors bright enough to match the unique colors of her clothes. Beauty according to Deere is not just what looks good or natural, it’s what feels right at the moment. Her product because it’s built around this principle not only beautifies the wearer, but it also liberates and emboldens her. For the creator of Lime Crime, cosmetics do more than hide blemishes and imperfections, they are “a form of freedom and self-expression.”

Lime Crime is not a product that should be worn by those who are timid. The intensely pigmented vibrant line of colors are for those who were born different, who are aware of and embrace that difference, and who are proud of it. The brand name invokes the spirit of the unicorn and images of her favorite color-green. The rhyme of the name is an extra bonus to a legacy that has brought about a color revolution. Simple rule of looking good have been replaced by the attractiveness of fun.

Deere’s biggest success in the business to date is a new type of lipstick. It is a liquid to matte formula that stays on through the most intense kiss; it’s transfer proof, and it doesn’t crumble. The Velvetines as they are called are also vegan which means they contain no animal derived by-products.

Lime Crime is an internet business. Being that kind of business has had advantages and challenges for the innovative CEO. The immediate feedback about her product is a clear advantage. It keeps Deere on point about her customer base’s needs,their likes and dislikes. The challenge is that social media can easily be infected with rumors that quickly spread slander and misinformation. She’s learned to ignore haters and just work harder at creating and sharing her ideas, dreams, and colors.

Doe Deere lives in a colorful world that keeps on getting brighter.


Brazilian law: Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

Brazil has one of the greatest association of layers. They cover all aspects of litigation not limited too; crime and compliance, environmental and protecting labor laws. Many law offices do pro bono services regularly. A nonprofit organization dedicated to establishing a global volunteer movement offering opportunities for guidance and friendship for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Brazil is a litigious country with extremely strict environmental laws. There is a great demand for lawyers with greater skill and expertise in the area. For example, obtaining success in the defense against a civil action that the Union sought an injunction to stop the construction of a plant in the southern Brazil region based on an incomplete environmental assessment. The decision of second instance was favorable to the customer and the power plant is still in operation.

These law benefits are the accomplishments of Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho’s Law Firm. They have the important knowledge of sociality, and Brazilian authorities.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a successful and brilliant entrepreneur of the Brazilian law to date. He is also an outstanding strategist, and a market leader. He pushed through centenarian firms in business litigation, and in a few years put his office among the largest in Brazil. He planned and acted in defense of individuals and companies in several cases that gained national attention. He advocated for large Brazilian and multinational groups including politicians of various ideological hues. He covers government, pro bono and non-governmental organizations. Contributed decisively to the creation of great economic importance of laws in Brazil. It pioneered the adoption of several legal mechanisms that came to become commonly used tools in the industry.

Ricardo Tosto has worked for more than 15 years in the business law area, especially credit recovery, bank contracts, bankruptcy, judicial recovery, “Acquisition Review” and corporate restructuring. Also operates in the area of international and Electoral Law in general. His fluent languages include Portuguese and English.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/people/Ricardo-Tosto/100010033200857

FreedomPop Has Proven Themselves To Be A Great Company

Comparing different wireless carriers is easy enough, but how is it possible to compare them all to decide which one is the best one to choose? Every person will have their own say as to which wireless carrier they would prefer, but each person should choose a wireless carrier based on what their needs are. Many who need wireless services are looking for low prices, even if it means that the quality of the services is not as good as it should be. Those who are insistent on getting low prices will find it with FreedomPop services but will also get quality services as well.

It’s easy for anyone to say that they have quality services, but FreedomPop can prove that their services are great. Umbrella’d underneath the Sprint network, FreedomPop uses the cell towers that Sprint offers in order to bring reliable wireless services to its users. Those who choose FreedomPop as a cell phone carrier will only pay a $20 monthly bill, which can be even less if the user chooses to get the service for free. The cell phone service that’s free of charge from FreedomPop has limited talk time, text messages, and data but is still a great value.

Many are able to stay within the 200 minutes of talk time that’s offered with the free plan as well as the 500 text messages, but the data, which is only 500 MB, may be a problem. Those that want extra data for their free plan should sign up for the unlimited $5 monthly Wi-Fi plan from FreedomPop, which means that they can use the data from the Wi-Fi service each time they need it on their phone. Some phones allow Wi-Fi calling, so adding the Wi-Fi monthly plan makes it easier to stay within the free allotment limits.

Anyone can use the monthly Wi-Fi service, which can be used on laptops, cell phones, and tablets. Along with the great Wi-Fi service, FreedomPop also offers portable mini hotspots, which will receive free data from FreedomPop as well. Although only 500 MB of data is offered to those who get a hotspot, anyone can purchase additional data by looking into the plans that FreedomPop has for the portable hotspots. Other services from FreedomPop includes the home Internet service, and the service only requires the purchase of a FreedomPop modem, and 1 GB of Internet data is provided for free as well.

Check out this review of FreedomPop

Reference Link: http://www.cnet.com/news/free-phone-service-freedompop-unveils-20-dollar-unlimited-plan/