InnovaCare Is Making Inroads In The Medical Community

InnovaCare Health is a company that cares about the people that have decided to use the Medicare Advantage Plan and Medicare in order to help them pay for their medical bills and treatments as they age. InnovaCare Health are a company that looks to the future with needed help for those that are on fixed incomes, and are in need of the medical attention that they deserve.

Medicare Advantage Plan Vs. Medicare

There are several reasons that people decide to use the Medicare Advantage Plan. It is different from the regular Medicare in terms that it provides help for dental and vision plans on It also helps with other ailments and procedures for diseases, such as chemotherapy and dialysis. For many people, they have to pay expenses for these two items that are unrealistic, and with the Medicare Advantage Plan, they will be able to receive coverage for this also.

A Person Must Still Have The Regular Medicare

The regular Medicare is a must. A person can have Part A or B for their regular Medicare coverage. They can also have Part D for drug coverage if they wish to. They may wish to do this if they take medications/

The Leadership At InnovaCare

There are two, key leadership officials at InnovaCare. They are Rick Shinto, M.D., whom is the MBA & President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare and Penelope Kokkinides,, whom is the Chief Administrative Officer. These two keep an innovative company running at full throttle helping people with all their needs in the Medicare field. Besides running a great company with Penelope Kokkinides, they employe a fantastic staff of educated and experienced professionals who assist in every way on a daily basis. They provide the needed encouragement to their workers to continue to produce the best results for the community.

Using the Medicare Advantage Plan is something that many elderly are pursuing. They understand that it will benefit them in a lot of ways. Since they may have questions about the plan, they should speak with a representative at InnovaCare with any questions that they may have. InnovaCare Health cares for the community at large, and they want people to understand how they can benefit from the Medicare Advantage Plan.