Committed to The International Availability of Information: The WIT eLibrary

Celebrating 25 years of organizing international conferences with prestigious organizations around the world, the Wessex Institute of Technology continues to impress. Due to the success of Prof Carlos Brebbia, the conference program has evolved into a wide-ranging source of information for a variety of topics in the engineering and computational fields. The quality of the conference program has encouraged delegates to return year after year.

Regularly appearing in notable reviews, publications and databases, and referenced by CrossRef, the papers presented at Wessex Institute conferences are highly regarded. The British Library and American Library of Congress both have archives of all conference books.

WIT Press, Wessex Institute’s publishing arm, certifies maximal circulation across the world of WIT conference research via offices in Europe, the United States of America, and the comprehensive international dissemination network. The eLibrary archives all conference papers online, where they are instantaneously and eternally accessible to the global scientific community. These books, while being published digitally, are also available in paper format.