A Financial Expert Pokes Holes On Warren Buffet’s Investment Strategy

Few financial experts attempt to take on experienced and wealthy traders like Warren Buffet. But for Tim Armour experience does not cushion one from making mistakes. He points out to the recent claim made by the billionaire that he can easily outperform a team of fund managers by just investing in an S&P passive index fund. Although the billionaire is likely to win the bet this year, Tim has, however, focused on highlighting the flaws that are associated with making such investment strategy.

According to Tim, most of the passive index funds have little returns due to their high management fees and excessive trading. These costs cut on the returns that the investor can get, thus eliminates their potential to generate long-term returns. A sound investment opportunity fund must have low costs.

In addition, the claim made by buffet creates the notion that passive index returns are safe and ideal for retirement fund. The fact is that the funds do not protect investors from the adverse effects of down markets. This way, investors may end up incurring huge losses on their investments. Notably, more than half of investors who were interviewed by Tim’s company in the recent past were not aware of this risk.

According to market data, an investor who invested $10,000 in the first S&P 500 index fund four decades ago should have more than half a million dollars. If another investment was made at the same time on the top five active funds in America, such an investor would be wealthier than the passive index fund investors. Tim highlighted some active funds such as Washington Mutual Investors Fund, The Growth Fund of America, American Mutual Fund, The Investment Company of America, and AMCAP.

In conclusion, Tim says that there is no clear way to tell beforehand the fund that will do better. However, he notes that investors should focus on investment funds that have low costs and high manager ownership. According to the executive leader, such funds have been known to constantly perform better than others.

Tim Armour is Capital group’s chairman and CEO. The financial expert joined the company in 1983 through the Associates Program. Previously, he worked for The American Funds as a senior vice president. In July 2015, he was elected to serve as the company’s chairman. Tim is an alumnus of Middlebury College where he graduated with his bachelor’s degree in economics.

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Jose Borghi: Redefining Advertisment

Jose Borghi: Redefining Advertisment

The recent past has seen the Brazilian Advertisement Industry grow to become one of the best advertisement platforms in the world. The need for effective advertisement need not be over emphasized due to the looming reality that the success of any business big or small startup or preexisting depends on successful advertisement strategies.Jose Henrique Borghi is one of those individuals responsible for the success witnessed by the Brazilian advertisement industry. Borghi is the co-founder of a leading advertising agency now known a Mullen Lowe.

Borghi who is a Brazilian Native, holds advertising credentials from PUC-Campinas. Upon completion of his studies Borgi was full of ideas and was looking to start up his own advertising enterprise but lacked the financial muscle to do so. He sought employment and worked at the Standard Ogivly in the capacity of an editor. He went on to work at other advertising companies building his reputation and mastering the art of advertisement. BorgiErh was founded when Erh Ray met and agreed shared their mutual ideas.This has greatly contributed to the growth of this firm.

This venture met a lot of challenges owing to the fact that credit giving institutions would not advance them any loan. In 2006, Lowe partnered with BorghiErh to create what is today known as BorghiLowe.Since its inception the advertising agency has made a name for itself in the advertising world. Borghi and Lowe serve in the capacity of CEO’s and have both made and maintained reputation as the best advertising agency in the world.

Avi Weisfogel: Towards an In-depth Understanding of Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that afflicts million of people around the world. The devastation of the disease and it significantly high prevalence stem from its silent nature. Additionally, there is significantly little information on the disease due to its subtle manifestation leading to lack of diagnosis. However, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has taken significant steps towards bridging this information gap especially among physicians and medical practitioners and patients. Having worked as a dentist for 15 years in a career that saw him feted with several awards, he opted to master this disorder after seeing several of his patients suffer from it. There was very little known of the disorder by both the patients and medical practitioners especially when it comes to its bigger picture, treatment and management.


Since leaving his private dentistry practice in 2014 to found Dental Sleep Masters, the New Jersey-based master of sleep apnea has made significant progress in creating awareness of the disorder. Through research, he has established that the condition is connected to other disorders such as stoke, diabetes and heart diseases while also establishing several of its risk factors. This correlation highlights the urgency and importance, with which sleep apnea ought to be treated with. Dr. Avi Weisfogel therefore developed a model that is aimed to creating awareness on the sleep disorder within the medical field and patients. The model also includes full mouth rehabs and oral appliances, which can be used to treat and manage the condition.


Entrepreneurial Endeavors: Beyond Dentistry


Avi Weisfogel is a certified dentist with strong academic background having graduated from the New York University’s School of Medicine with a Doctor of Dental Science degree. He earned his first degree at Rutgers University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree with specialization in psychology and Biology. This set him on a stellar career as a dentist following the founding of his own private practice, Old Bridge Dental Care in 1999. He would later take up a career in sleep apnea after interacting with several dental patients afflicted by the disorder. He established several companies specializing in marketing and sales of sleep apnea treatment and management oral appliances including Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient and Healthy Heart Sleep. He is currently serving as an instructor for Dental Sleep Masters during seminars.

David Giertz Explains Why Social Security is a So Important Affair to be ignored

Social security is a topic of concern, especially to the working population that is within their last working decade. People begin to worry about their lives after retirement comes knocking. Studies reveal that roughly 40 percent of all retirement plans are accounted for by social security at http://financial-advisors.credio.com/l/314999/David-Giertz. But as important as this topic is, financial advisors have for a long time now been accused of snubbing it. The majority of America’s population have the feeling that financial advisors deliberately keep some pertinent information about social security from their clients.

David Giertz Puts Everything into Perspective

David Giertz was called to shed light on the importance of financial advisors educating their clients on matters of social security. First, the president of Nationwide Finance acknowledged the fact that financial advisors were falling short of their advisory mandate. He, however, gave the advisors the benefit of the doubt by saying that more than 2000 rules guide social security. According to him, the bulkiness of these laws makes it hard for financial advisors to comprehend on Bloomberg. With such complexity and miscomprehension, it becomes hard for the advisors to explain the topic satisfactorily to their clients.

David Giertz talked about a survey that was conducted by one of the agencies under Nationwide Finance. From the research, it was clear that financial advisors dissatisfied majority of retired and almost retiring Americans. The research showed that 80 percent of these people were already seeking to replace their advisors while others were planning to quit social security altogether. David Giertz warned that quitting would put the individuals at risk of losing $300,000 over a period of 25 years.

Who is David Giertz?

Three decades in the financial sector in Dublin Ohio, David Giertz stands out as arguably the man best suited to offer accurate financial analysis. An MBA graduate from the popular University of Miami, David compliments his academic proficiency with his natural leadership prowess on soundcloud.com.

Prior to becoming the overall president of Nationwide Finance, David was serving as the president of Wirehouse Distribution. He previously had served as Financial Institutions Distributors Channel’s head.

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva at the Helm of MB2 Leadership

Dr. Villanueva has worked as an associate dentist trainer and mentor as well as an advocate for doctor focused practice model. He has also been a dental director and dental practice owner and currently serves as the CEO of the largest doctor owned dental organization. This experience has pushed him to starting the MB2 Company that seeks to support dentists in offering quality service to patients without having to cut back on their patient-doctor time. Dr. Villanueva has a unique understanding of both provider and the business end thus has a better chance providing guidance that guarantees clinical autonomy. He is passionate about maintain the autonomy of the dental profession. He is a passionate about educating new dentist about some of the options they have once they are done with dental school.


Although born in Ohio, Dr. Chris spent most of his time in South America and Asia after graduating high school in Caracas, Venezuela. MB2 came into existence as an idea of a passionate practitioner whose vision is to promote the best of both corporate dentistry and sole proprietorship dentistry. He has spent time on both sides of the divide hence has an appropriate understanding of what is needed to provide the necessary kind of support for dentist. The birth of MB2 came to be because of Dr. Villanueva realizing that there was need for dentists to get the much-needed support without any strings attached. The idea was to help dentists focus on the main job for which they were trained for and not have to worry about the daily pertains of the dental office side.


MB2 was built, as a dentist owned support system that focuses on support, autonomy, personal growth and having fun. With the support that this organization gives dentists, they are able to provide better services to their patients and actually improve lives. These way patients are not patronized but rather have their lives improved. The innovations made by Dr. Chris Villanueva helps promote improved operating standards that help keep practitioners happy and in turn, helps promote their businesses while at the same time keeping patients happy. The idea came to him when he just graduated dental school and realized that there were only two options available to him one being to join an already existing practice or open a private practice with the second option being almost close to impossible due to numerous challenges. He knew he wanted the best of both worlds for himself and other doctors.

Top Plastic Surgeon in Texas

While plastic surgery has been at times clouded with contraversy, surgical cosmetic alterations are matters of personal preferance and often times self esteem. When being vulnerable to a medical professional about potential body alterations, patients want to feel comfortable in with their doctors and confident in their ability. When trusting their bodies to the hands of cosmetic professionals, one doctor in particular is proving that Texas is the place to go when seeking aesthetic surgery.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews was voted Texas Super Doctor in 2014 and has more than exceeded expectation in the expertise of plastic surgery. Specializing solely in aesthetic procedures, Dr. Walden has dedicated her career to learning and implementing cutting edge techniques that enhance her work. Specializing in face, breast, and body augmentational procedures has allowed her to help men and women deal with issues regarding body image. Cutting edge procedures and technologies has allowed Dr. Walden to provide her patients with safer procedures that require less recovery time.Being awarded the title of Texas Super Doctor was certainly not the only recognition Dr. Jenniffer Walden has received for her achievments.

In addition to being a “super doctor” she was also recognized for The Mavis P. Kelsey Excellence in Medicine Award and Scholarship given by the Kelsey-Seybold Foundation of Houston in 1998. In that same year she was also chosen for the Janet M. Glasgow Memorial Award and Achievement Citation from the American Medical Women’s Association. Her excellence in the field of plastic surgery has also afforded her the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Award for the Best Scientific Exhibit by a Candidate in 2004. Along with those professional awards she has was also chosen to receive a great many scholastic achievement awards during her academeic career. She also currently serves as the media spokesperson for both the American Society for Aesthtic Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.When issues of body image and alteration come into question, it is obvious that people want the best. Dr. Walden has acquired her success based on the excellence of her work and the satisfaction of her patients. Jennifer Walden is a surgeon that sets the bar higher in every aspect of her performance, from patient care to procedure.