InnovaCare Health: Do What’s Right for Patients

The world of healthcare and medical care is one of the most complex necessities that modern society faces. Most people think the only discussion to have about medical care is cost. In reality, the most important discussion involves the quality of medical care.

While affordable medical care may be a hot topic, quality medical care is something that is often overlooked. It’s not enough to just have hospitals and clinics accepting all patients. The source of all the extreme health issues starts with physicians and other health experts in charge of patient health.

Sadly, in most cases, doctors and specialists are completely focused on their patients’ health. It doesn’t matter how affordable healthcare becomes if physicians don’t care about their patients. When it comes to picking the right healthcare provider, people need to be more concerned with the company’s mission rather than how much their charge per plan.

In most people’s opinion, InnovaCare Health is the best choice when it comes to healthcare management. Their mission is redefining how people think about healthcare management. Every effort and strategy made by the InnovaCare Health experts are all the betterment of their patients’ lives and health status.

In the perfect world, InnovaCare Health would make healthcare affordable, but more importantly, all of it would be high-quality medical care. InnovaCare Health always puts their patients first, which is why they focus on strengthening patient-provider relationships. Every healthcare provider knows that they can’t do their job effectively if patients don’t trust them.

InnovaCare Health finds the best way to ensure that every patient receives quality medical care is to only hire physicians and experts that have results-oriented goals and corporate integrity. With the right staff, InnovaCare Health can bring about healthier outcomes and enhance their patients’ lives.

The current CEO and President of InnovaCare Health is Dr. Richard A. Shinto. Dr. Shinto has more than 20 years experience in the medical care industry. He spent much of his early career in Southern California where he still practices as an internist and pulmonologist.

Under Dr. Shinto is Penelope Kokkinides, currently Chief Administrative Officer. She used to be InnovaCare Health’s COO but left the company to pursue other positions at other companies. She rejoined InnovaCare Health in 2015 after working for companies like Centerlight Healthcare.