Shervin Pishevar Recently Surfaces and Launches a Slew of Predictions at the U.S. and the World

Shervin Pishevar is not a name we have heard much of in 2018, but he has resurfaced with a tongue lashing ready for anyone who is present on Twitter. The entrepreneur who has associations with the Dollar Shave Club, Uber. Pishevar blew up the Twitterverse with more than twenty messages predicting what will become of the American stock market and how the world will change if we do not get competitive with China in Tweets in early February 2018.

One of the posts that held the most significance was one saying that the U.S. stock market would tumble at least five thousand points before slowly regaining ground. He also said that he felt that bitcoin would drop by more than half and then make a crawl back to normal. He attributes a higher interest rate, tax cuts, corporate breaks, and overseas competition as the primary reasons for the upheaval.

Bonds will not work anymore claims Shervin Pishevar. He says that even though these financial tools are effective, America has used these items too many times for them to hold any worth now. He feels that this situation will be like throwing buckets of water on a five-alarm fire. He kept tweeting and downing the interest rate changes saying that we are giving the world an financial problem. He feels that the issues will also extend to a major up and comer in the financial sector too causing the downfall of a good firm.

Shervin Pishevar says that the giant computer megalopolis has fallen and five giants have emerged including Amazon and Facebook. He says that “Silicon Valley” is more of an idea now instead of a physical location. He points out an example of how China is building transportation areas quickly, some in less than a day. Shervin Pishevar does point out a good thing about starter firms like SpaceX saying that they will come forward and excel. He even says that with a pitfall comes new glory and that the U.S. will bounce back, but to mark his words that tough days are coming for America.

About the Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group, a leading firm that offers financial services was co-founded by Was Edens and Randal Nardone, in the year 1998. The group has been in existence for over two decades; manages investments, private equity, credit and hedge funds. Fortress Company has its headquarters in New York, and it has offices all over the world. It has employed over 900 people with a clientele of around 1,750 globally. The company manages different company portfolios, and its investments are in diverse industries such as media, transport, real estate, healthcare systems, etc. An example is Brightline; a train system that is the only one that is privately owned.

What makes Fortress Investment Group so renowned? With an excellent track record for many years, this would be a question one would ask. This company is strong willed to succeed in all its tasks and has a dedicated leadership team that believes in teamwork among employees. We know that motivated employees yield success at the workplace. The employees at the company are well knowledgeable about the different sectors they work in; hence offering an excellent service globally.

The leaders form partnerships with other entities and help them grow into new markets and achieve their full potential. To successfully do this; the Fortress Investment Group has a diversified business model. An example of how Fortress Investment Group helps grow other companies is its partnership with iPass. Fortress will help the company improve in its balance sheets financing and hence concentrate more on acquiring profits and an increase in revenue. Definitely ipass customers will enjoy a more reliable mobile service, and its market will expand.

The business model in Fortress can create management fees that are easily predicted, and the company can focus on long-term investments. Alternative businesses within the company provide an excellent source of incentive finances and with this; the company has seen significant growth financially. There are balance sheet investments within the business model, and limited partners are part of these. The company is well diversified in its dealings, engages in innovation and its investors enjoy returns that have already been risk-adjusted. Fortress Investment Group is indeed a trendsetter in financial matters.

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Equities First Holdings Secures Global Capital

Equities First Holdings remains one of the largest investment firms in the world. They offer their clients an opportunity to secure capital with a comprehensive 5-point check system. This financial checkup allows them to take a look at your finances and avoid financial risk. Their secure capital helps many clients with their personal and professional financial goals. Enjoy a popular network that allows you to get secure capital that is proudly distributed throughout the world. For example, Equities First Holdings has secured over 500 contracts and spread over $2.6 million dollars in capital around the world.

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How to Start Succeeding: Stop Emotional Trading

In all areas of one’s life, it is incredibly crucial to remain rational through both ups and downs. This fact stands true to investment trading as well.

Many people are unaware of how emotions truly affect their decision-making ability. In a video created by NetPicks Trading, the ins and outs of emotional trading are thoroughly explained in a way that even a beginner can understand.

In the beginning, the speaker states that by making choices based on an emotion rather than based on a proven trading strategy can result in losing consistently for a period of time, shown on the video by Netpicks. Following a strategy that has been proven to work, it is easily possible to come out from a losing streak because the trader utilizes the proper protocols for the situation. It is much harder to come out of these losses when trading emotionally, get more on (

Some traders are more at risk than others. Day traders have a greater risk of emotional trading. This is due to the fact that they often do not have the additional time to resist emotional trading prior to a new trade beginning, as posted on

When a loss or bad trade occurs, the trader can become subject to taking a poor trade. At this point, the risks are no longer acknowledged and can result in another loss. In moments of weakness, it is easy to make a choice that one may regret and it can be difficult to regain focus. The cycle continues until the individual trades strategically and rationally rather than emotionally.

To become successful at trading, one must be aware of their emotional trading habits and work to correct them whenever they occur. By following an affluent strategy proven to yield profitable results over and over again, the trader will learn to efficiently combat emotional trading and improve upon their decision-making abilities, according to Netpicks, click


Paul Mampilly-Advisor on investments

It is interesting to know that only a third of adult Americans actually invest in stock markets. The low number of people who have invested in the stock markets have been created by lack of knowledge about the opportunities that are available or lack of knowledge on how to manage finances. A large number of people keep their money in locked savings accounts which earn small interest rates per year. The interest rates that they get cannot be compared to what alternative investment opportunities can offer. Clearly storing money in banks is not one of the solutions to financial freedom. Investment is the only way through which one can make a significant impact towards financial freedom.

Investment is a topic that needs to be taught to a majority of Americans. There is no need to keep money in idle mode while there is so much that can be done and bring even bigger benefits. The stock market offers a great opportunity for people who would like to benefit from better income making opportunities. In the stock market, all you need to do is pick a company that has the probability of making huge profits. The success of a company will determine the income you will generate from the trade. Among the things which need to be done in order to deal with the matter is to seek the right information on investment. There are a number of things that will make a difference between a successful business and a non-successful. An investor will look at the industry that is likely to bring the highest income before investing.

According to investment guru in the United States named Paul Mampilly. The choice of the industry will determine success or failure. Paul Mampilly who has spent two decades as an investor in the financial sector knows how this should work. Paul Mampilly has managed to help numerous organizations make the right investments. Paul Mampilly is the author of a newsletter known as Profits Unlimited.

Shiraz Boghani Is An Influential Leader

Shiraz Boghani is known for various undertakings. He is the founder of two major organizations in the UK. These institutions are Splendid Hospitality Group and Sussex healthcare. They are all based in England, and the Splendid Group owns a chain of hotels and restaurants in London. Apart from being involved in business, he serves as a National Council member among other organizations which are globally recognized.

Shiraz Boghani was raised in Kenya but later went to England where he wanted to pursue a career in accounting. After completing his accounting course, he was employed at Chartered Accounts. Later, he started working at Thomson McLintock. While working at these companies, he was gaining experience to manage the business successfully. He finally decided to venture into the hotel business, and that is how Splendid Group began. Today, it has expanded to become one of the best in the industry with some of the best hotels in London.

Because of his outstanding work, he was recognized by the Asian Business Award and given the hotelier of the year. The award is a great privilege and shows the accomplishment Shiraz Boghani has done in the hotel industry. It is not by coincidence that he has achieved such success, but it is due to his outstanding management skills that he has helped the company to grow to where it is now. Since he won the award, he has been influential in the hotel business and continues to develop new properties. Shiraz Boghani believes in helping others, and that is why he has been a philanthropist in his career. He supports children and adults because he wants them to live better lives.

That is why he is always there to ensure Sussex Health Care provides excellent services to those who need it. The organization provides care to the elderly and those with various conditions like learning disabilities. He uses his experience in managing hotels and accounting to run Sussex and so far it has been one of the best when it comes to offering good care to senior citizens. Shiraz Boghani has achieved a lot of success in his career. Those who want to excel should consider looking up to him, and they will gain a lot regarding proper leadership to a company.

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Clayton Hutson Back on Kid Rock Crew

Clayton Hutson will get to work with Kid Rock Crew again, for the second time. He had previously worked with the team earlier in the year. Kid Rock is popular for his personality and outgoing nature. An article on The Reporter Expert by Rav Mandalia, mentions a few of the obstacles that arose during Kid Rock’s first tour. The article credited Clayton Hutson, who was the stage manager for putting significant effort towards the show’s success. When asked how he was able to overcome the hurdles that came by, Clayton said that his previous experience as both a Production Manager and Stage Manager guided him.




Besides finding solutions to all the obstacles faced during the tour, Clayton also maintained his confidence and that of the crew. In the end, his efforts were well placed as the tour was successful, with millions of fans across the US showing up to give their support to Kid Rock. One of the main reasons Clayton Hutson was asked to return is the role he played in The American Rock N’ Roll Tour’s success. Unlike last time, Clayton will serve as the Production Manager in Kid Rock’s tour. He hopes that there won’t be as many challenges as in the last tour.




Kid Rock is quickly becoming popular. His “Red Blooded Rock N’ Roll Redneck Extravaganza Tour” is currently sold out in various markets. The show is however expected to be an amazing one with lots of songs, pyrotechnics, and visual dazzle. Clayton is also excited about the show and the team he will work with. He mentions that in the touring industry it is vital to have good people by your side, unlike other professions where people don’t have to work closely together. He believes in his crew, and according to him, that will make the tour an enjoyable one.




Clayton was born in Nashville, Tennessee and has been a music fan since he was a child. He went to Central Michigan University where he graduated with a degree in theatre design. He also has a master’s degree in Business Administration from Stephen M. Ross School of Business. After graduating, Clayton held many positions in live entertainment firms. He was a sound engineer and a project manager. Regardless of working in corporate entertainment and traveling with Billy Graham’s team, he chose the music industry. To this day, he believes that he is of great value to live shows because of his experience in events and music.

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Dr. Rod Rohrich Share His Plastic Surgery Knowledge With Students And His Peers

Rod Rohrich, M.D., is a Dallas-based plastic surgeon who is internationally famous for his surgical skills. He also teaches his craft at UT Southwestern Medical Center. One of the procedures he teaches to his students is rhinoplasty, or more commonly known as a nose job. He has written many articles and textbooks about rhinoplasty is considered one of the best surgeons in the business at this procedure.

He is one of the few plastic surgeons that can perform revision rhinoplasty. This procedure is one that corrects a person’s nose who previously had a nose job. This is a very difficult procedure to perform because of how delicate the nasal structures are. Much of Dr. Rod Rohrich’s writing and research is on this type of procedure so that other expert plastic surgeons and their patients can benefit from his knowledge.

Dr. Rod Rohrich also performs many breast surgery operations. He says that every patient presents a unique situation. He works with his patients to make decisions about what materials to use and what shape and size implant they wish to have. He says there are a pretty large number of options in regards to where to make incisions so that they are minimized in both number and appearance after the surgery is completed. He is also one of the co-founders of the AiRS Foundation which helps women who have had a mastectomy get breast reconstruction surgery.

Facelifts are also one of Dr. Rod Rohrich’s specialties. He is skilled at this surgery along with neck lift procedures. When he combines both of these procedures on one of his patients it is called a complete facial rejuvenation which results in a person looking much younger than their years. He has been teaching and otherwise contributing his knowledge about these procedures for decades.

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Tim Duncan leads Talos Energy to Bright Future in The Crude Business

Onshore drilling is becoming more popular, but it’s a short-term game. With a more guaranteed return, onshore oil reserves are drying up faster while offshore sites are able to produce large amounts of barrels per day for over a decade. Perhaps it was this outlook that had Tim Duncan adamant to stay in deep waters and not succumb to the temptation of a more ‘sure’ thing. Even with newer and younger investors wondering why he hasn’t chosen to drill onshore, Tim has stayed true to his commitment to deepwater drilling at Talos energy.

When hurricane Harvey hit the US, it brought with it devastation that was unlike anything in recent memory, it had destroyed Tim Duncan’s street, making it unusable. It filled up the first floor of his house and he, along with his family had to be rescued by a FEMA boat. After his concern for his family, his greatest concern was making sure that his oil company, Talos Energy would be able to seal the deal that would mean the take over of Stone Energy, a publicly traded company. Stone Energy was running on a loss but the benefit of taking Talos Energy public without the cost of doing so offset the losses with some debt restructuring.

He was able to get his family to Alabama before returning to his parents’ Houston, TX where he would work on the deal from his mother’s kitchen and would see the merger happen in May. While most companies are somewhere in the Permian Basin, Talos Energy is taking a more radical approach by becoming one of the few foreign companies to drill in acreage under the authority of the Mexican government by securing the rights for an area off of the Gulf of Mexico – Zama, which will be able to produce oil in around five years.

Growing up all over the world thanks to his father being in the oil business with his childhood spent in Egypt, Texas and Florida have given Tim Duncan a global perspective which has allowed him to make choices that are not the easy ones, but choices he believes will grant him the biggest rewards.

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