Talos Energy Getting The Zama Appraisal Plan Approved By The CNH

Talos Energy announced in late September that the CNH – National Hydrocarbons Commission, the Mexican oil & gas regulator, approved the appraisal plan for ZAMA’s discovery. The approval of the plan is a key component necessary to begin the appraisal of ZAMA discovery. The Commission is currently reviewing the application in regards to the drilling permits which are necessary in order to start the drilling operations. Talos Energy estimated that the appraisal program will be completed by the middle of next year and that it will spud the first appraisal well in the forth quarter of this year.

The Commission approved budget of $325 million for the plan, a sum that includes about $75 million of contingent operations. The budge includes the cost of performing a drill stem test in order to gather information about the reservoir productivity and continuity, the cost of drilling wells, hole coring across the reservoir, as well as collecting a number of fluid and rock samples. Talos Energy is expecting its share of the costs to be up to $80 million for the entire campaign, before any of the contingency costs.

Timothy S. Duncan, the President and Chief Executive Officer expressed excitement over meeting another important milestone with their partners in Mexico, after the announcement of the Pre-Unitization Agreement with Permex. He also stated that the approval allows the company to maintain their schedule of investments at an accelerated pace on the Zama project in Mexico, and to begin the drilling operations on the appraisal plan by the end of 2018. The CEO Stated that it will allow the company to stay on track for their ultimate goal of achieving initial production in 2022, thus providing local jobs, materially adding to the domestic production of Mexico, and increasing government revenues to the country.

Talos Energy is an independent company that operates in the oil and gas industry in the United States, Gulf of Mexico, and in the shallow waters off the coast of Mexico. The company was established in 2012, the team behind the company having a strong track record of positive results prior to founding Talos Energy.

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Innovacare Health: Improving Healthcare with Innovative Practices and Proven Leadership

The Innovacare Health leadership teams have more than 120 years of combined experience in the health care industry. The Innovacare Health proven staff help healthcare organizations achieve or surpass their goals. Innovacare Health believes that engaged physicians contribute to better healthcare at all levels. The company has a proven track record of helping their clients evolve their businesses in an efficient manner to meet the growing changes in the industry.

The current President and CEO of Innovacare Richard Shinto M.D. joined North American Medical Management(NAMM) in 1998. While with the company, Dr. Shinto noticed that healthcare organizations were not operating efficiently. He partnered with NAMM to assist healthcare organizations in improving their efficiency. A partnership was formed between NAMM and the Straus Group in 2003. The company grew tremendously in a short period of time and acquired MMM healthcare in Puerto Rico while expanding throughout the United States. In 2012, NAMM sold certain properties and created Innovacare Health to manage MMM and other subsidiaries. The company has continued to grow at an astounding rate and has since entered the Medicaid market.

Dr. Richard has tremendous experience and has held numerous positions in the healthcare industry. He served as the President and CEO of Aveta Inc. from 2008-2012. Prior to his position at NAMM, he was the chief operating officer(COO) and chief marketing officer(CMO) at Medical Pathways Management Company. From 1995-1997 he was the Vice President of Medical Management for MedPartners. Before this, he served as CMO for Cal Optima Health Plan. Dr. Shinto began his career as an internist and pulmonologist in the Southern California area. In 2018, He was recognized by Modern Healthcare magazine as a top 25 healthcare executive.

Penelope Kokkinides serves as the chief administrative officer at Innovacare Health. Penelope rejoined Innovacare in 2015 after previously holding positions as COO and Vice president of Clinical Operations. She has over 20 years of experience in the health care industry and specializes in Medicare, Medicaid, and managed health care. She also has vast knowledge in creating clinical programs and helping healthcare organizations improve efficiencies. She is excited about how everyone is engaged in technology especially in the healthcare industry and the business community. She feels that thinking about things at night that have to be done the next day help make her successful. In high school, she worked as a receptionist at a doctor’s office as a receptionist. After this, she worked at Saks Fifth Avenue.


Have You Heard Of Freedom Checks?

Have you heard of the concept of freedom checks? They sound pretty great even just based on their name right? That is because they are in fact a great way to invest your money. They have consistently outperformed stock market and other forms of investing. You know that you need to have your money growing for you if you want to retire the way that you have always dreamed of. In order to reach that goal you must first consider Freedom Checks.

Freedom Checks are a legal investment that have been written into the United States tax code for approximately thirty years. You can rest easy knowing that what you are considering investing in is something that the government has approved for some time. It is a special statute called Statute 26-F. There are many thousands of public companies in the United States, but there are only a few that qualify under this particular statute. Those are the companies that are specifically targeted for Freedom Checks.

The statute is a legal way for some companies to avoid paying taxes. This may sound extreme at first, but you have to understand that it is written into the law this way. There are only a handful of companies that qualify for this, but they are sure to pass those tax savings on to their investors.

A company has to prove to the government that at least ninety percent of its revenue comes from U.S. natural resources in order to apply to qualify for this tax break. It is not that common that a company can honestly say this, and that is why there are so few that can qualify for this amazing program. It is pretty exclusive which is the reason that it is allowed to exist in the first place. You know that you are getting a lot of value out of it when you invest in these companies.

Check out what Freedom Checks are all about and how they just might be able to springboard you into your retirement in a way that is going to keep you moving forward and living the kind of life you want to live.

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Dr. Rod J. Rohrich’s Expertise In Breast Augmentation

Every woman loves to look her best and sometimes that means getting a little extra help. If you feel that your breast are not as perky due to breastfeeding or aging, then you can do something about it. Do you live in Dallas Texas? If so, there is a best plastic surgeon by the name of Dr. Rod J. Rohrich who can help you with your issue.

Dr. Rohrich comes not only highly recommended but also with high marks as the best plastic surgeon in the nation. He is called upon to do talk shows and to do magazine publications concerning his craft. You would be getting a very skilled doctor who not only has all of the expertise of plastic surgery but also teaches it in a university setting. That is the best doctor to have when tackling such subject as breast augmentation. There are two actual choices for the implants. You can get either saline or silicone. Once a consultation is done to determine that you are a fitting candidate for surgery then they will be implanted. Just so you know, there are very small incisions made to place them in. After the surgery is done, any follow-up care that is needed should be followed. This is to benefit you and the look you want to achieve.

Dr. Rohrich loves to see his patients happy with service and you are no exception. You should make an appointment and see for yourself why so many women go to him for their implants. You will be glad you did and join others who believe that Dr. Rohrich is clearly the best plastic surgeon for the people hands down. Why not go and see what he can do for you in the area of breast augmentation? You really deserve it.

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The RealReal:Discount Luxury Shopping

What Is The RealReal

The RealReal is a consignment shop that exclusively focuses on luxury brands. It is a 7-year company that has become a booming success raising $173 million dollars since its inception. Many times when dealing with consignment shopping you should avoid buying any luxury items because you risk buying a fraudulent item. The best benefit of The RealReal is that it gives you the option to buy luxury items safely. They have a very rigorous process for authentication of every product they sell on their website. Authentication teams have large binders full of specifications for the products they inspect. The RealReal’s authentication teams even host internal contests where team members get prizes for picking the fake product among the real ones. They are very dedicated to giving their customers the very best in customer service and sales support.

Why People Love The RealReal

They have built up a reputation for always delivering real products to their customers. A unique aspect of The RealReal is a fact that they take on the inventory, and marketing of everything they sell. They also have services for their sellers that make them simple to use. Some of them include pickup of the consignment items. A driver will come to your home and carefully pack your product. They also have a fast turn around time. Most of their products are sold within 90 days of being placed on the website. This quick turnaround helps the company stay very popular with their sellers and buyers.

How Luxury Brands Have Embraced The RealReal

The RealReal has impacted the luxury market in really positive ways. Many people tend to look at luxury items as expensive risks. However, if you know that you can use your items and recoup some of your money then that risk is mitigated. It is a win-win for luxury brands like Cartier and Hermes and for The RealReal. This is great for everyone so much that these high-end brands have partnered with The RealReal. Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus now offer a The RealReal gift card when customers choose consignment on their website.

Career Achievements Of David Mcdonald OSI Group

OSI Group is among the fastest growing food companies in the world. The firm has been serving for many decades. It has acquired many companies related to food supply in many countries, and this has increased its scope. The high returns that the firm has been attracting have contributed to its growth. The successes of the firm are as a result of the effort of its highly qualified leaders like David Mcdonald. David has been facilitating growth in the firm for many years, and as the Chief Operating Officer of the company, he has put effort towards eliminating challenges in the company.

David Mcdonald OSI Group also flaunts an excellent educational background. He is a graduate from the University of Lowa where he attained a degree in animal science. He has relied on the knowledge he gained to facility the various activities in the firm. Besides, he also offers support to the students at the university, and as an alumnus of the university, he strives to influence the lives of the young individuals through sharing his counsel about life with them. David Mcdonald OSI Group is also, an icon to many young people and a vast number of people look up to him as their role model. He has also over the recent years contributed funds to help students at the Lowa State University. Besides, he also works hand in hand with the leaders of the university to facilitate studies at the institution and in a recent tour that the students attended, he gave them a chance to visits a plat of the OSI Group firm so that they could learn from the professionals in the company.

The efforts of David Mcdonald OSI Group to change the world have also boosted his career. David has received numerous awards for his contributions to the growth of the company. He continues to influence the lives of others through the counsel he shares with them. Besides, David Mcdonald OSI Group has also shown concerns towards the local community, and he contributes funds to aid in the building of the economy of the country. He has also funded many projects, particularly at the Lowa State University.

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Nathalie Van Wijkvliet’s Review for NewsWatch TV

NewsWatch TV is a source for consumer, technology, travel, health, and entertainment news and reviews, covering a multitude of fresh topics for the viewer’s consumption. Airing on AMC and ION Networks, the show is hosted by Andrew Tropeano and Michelle Ison. Feature reports are often written and presented by Chris Vaughn, Leslie Alston, Amanda Forstrom, Eric Forrest, and Scott Steinberg.

Bridge Communications, LLC hosts NewsWatch. This video production company has featured full-service video production and a distribution agency in the Washington, D.C. area since 1989. The staff members of Bridge Communications seek to provide clients high-quality professional videos, utilizing seven decades of experience and skill to meet even the most challenging of standards in production requirements. Distributing with both television and online platforms, Bridge Communications and sectors like NewsWatch TV are able to set clients up with audience members on a national scale.

One such client is Nathalie Van Wijkvliet (CMO, Avanca), who gives the company NewsWatch TV a positive testimonial. After working with NewsWatch a second time, she declares the experience of working with NewsWatch to be great. She gives high praise to the team, support, and especially the interviewers. Nathalie has seen wonderful results working with NewsWatch since her practice’s first collaboration. When working on her first crowdfunding campaign for a complete Windows 10 PC that fits in someone’s pocket with the company, she believes the crowdfunding platform was successful due in part to NewsWatch’s involvement in the project. For this collaboration, Nathalie is launching the third device in the Ockel line, the Ockel Series A. The product is a complete desktop Windows 10 PC, but with the benefits of a mobile device. She also speaks positively about a brand of wireless sports headphones designed for individuals looking for something to use during an intense workout session.

Alex Hern Making Waves With Tsunami XR

Alexander Hern, the businessman with over 25 years of experience in the entrepreneurial world is causing quite a buzz with his new innovation, Tsunami XR. He has an exciting 25 year career where he worked in multiple huge companies such a Inktomi Goldman Sachs-led IPO which powered the very well-known MSN and Yahoo websites, Arcsight (ARST), a cyber security company, Cloudshield, a network security company, and Yesmail Alex Brown led IPO (YESM), where he was both director and founder. The name Alex Hern alone is enough to make one excited for his next endeavor, but the concept is nothing short of ambitious.

The acronym XR stands for cross-reality. We are all familiar with the terms augmented reality, augmented virtuality, and virtual reality, but not many of us are familiar with the term cross-reality. XR is defined as a reality to virtual continuum which encompasses all of the above mentioned realities. Each of the above mentioned modes have their own advantages and disadvantages and depth of divulging and that is the simple attractive feature of cross reality, it allows you to divulge into each mode of reality to the degree that you wish to. Cross reality allows you to transition in between multiple modes of realities and makes that transition seamless. While XR was previously thought to be built to attract gamers but it has begun to make its name among the business men and women. In industries such as aerospace, health science, and manufacturing the appeal of XR and its cheaper and quicker solutions is beginning to spread.

However, every company doesn’t possess the resources to research and develop XR technologies which will save them all that time and money and that is where the appeal of the Los Angeles based company of Alex Hern comes into play. Tsunami XR is providing various companies pre sized XR solutions. The company designs 3D, virtual and augmented reality solutions on demand for companies all over the globe allowing them to have better connectivity and easier collaboration and saves them precious time and money.

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Talos Energy Grows Business In The Gulf Of Mexico

Talos Energy has been on an exciting and adventurous path recently. The company, based in Houston, Texas, began the summer with the acquisition of Stone Energy, a publicly traded company that filed for bankruptcy. The acquisition was risky due to Stone Energy being the same size as Talos Energy, but it would allow Talos to become a public entity without the trouble of a public offering. Today, Talos Energy Inc. (NYSE: TALO) is publicly trading and working towards more expanse in their business. Recently, they announced that they were listed as one of the top five bidders for a lease in the Gulf of Mexico that was previously held by Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM).

Following the news of their bidding status, Talos Energy announced that it was the top bidder and won the final sale of six deepwater blocks and eight shallow water blocks in the Gulf of Mexico. These blocks cover roughly 75,000 acres and will cost Talos Energy roughly $5.3 million. Twelve of the leases will have a five year lease while two will have a seven year lease. The company was excited to announce the purchase due to their efforts to expand both their inventory and production facilities, these leases will certainly aid in those goals. More details on these leases and the goals associated with them can be found here.

Just two months after Talos Energy announced the lease of those fourteen blocks, the company announced a preliminary agreement with Pemex, out of Mexico, which will decide weather or not the oil discovery Talos Energy made in the Gulf of Mexico also reaches into the blocks around them which are owned by Pemex. If this agreement holds, it will cover some of the shallow water areas in the Gulf of Mexico and will be the first time Pemex has made any deals of this nature. Just last year, in the same shallow water area, a well was drilled that led to the discovery of a deposit that is believed to hold somewhere between 1.2 and 1.8 billion barrels of oil. While this deal is not finalized yet, it is under review by Mexico’s incoming government, it is an exciting prospect for Talos Energy. More information on this deal and what it could mean can be found here.

Learn more about Talos Energy : https://www.ogj.com/articles/2017/11/gulf-of-mexico-producers-to-become-talos-energy-inc.html

The Achievements of Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry went to the University of Edinburgh Scotland where he acquired his degree in actuarial mathematics. With his education, he was suited to work in insurance companies. But he had other plans. He started his career by serving as director of Strategic Solutions for Schroders.

Gareth Henry believes that he is good at raising capital and giving investments advice because he discusses sensible thing with his colleague even strangers.

Possessing this deep understanding in the world of finances and along with his passion for giving services, Gareth spent little time to succeed. He got to the position of the Head of Investor Relation as well as Global Head of IR among other positions.

Before Angelo Gordon, Gareth is recognized for large capital that he managed to raise for Fortress hedge funds private credit, real estate vehicle among others. In his job, he was required to focus with investors throughout the United State, Europe, and the Middle East not forgetting to mention Asia.

Gareth is a busy man who is always in constant motion. His typical day starts around seven in the morning. He starts by making important calls to clients in Europe and another continent from his office. After finishing with calls, he begins the order of the day. This may involve a customer. Most of his nights he meets his clients or industry colleague during dinner.

One thing that Gareth Henry believes is that for him to give helpful advice to the organization that he is trying to help he needs to have a proper understanding of that firm as well as the current problem that the company is experiencing. In addition to that, he makes several calls to different clients and arranges around two meeting with his clients.

Gareth Henry likes starting his day by running with no power breakfast. He goes through morning time reviews of important internal documents which sometimes can go up the afternoon. He spends part of his Sunday making calls across the Middle East as well as Asia specifically Korea and Japan. Gareth is a committed person who is committed to seeing success at the end of the end.

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