Aloha Construction Co.: Your One Stop Shop for All Your House Remodeling Needs

Licensed Interior Remodeler

Aloha Construction Co. brags as being one of the few companies in Illinois that have been fully licensed by the mandated state regulator to carry out interior remodeling. The company puts into consideration the nature of the remodeling, the price of the expected procedure, as well as the time required to complete the remodeling process. Unlike other remodeling companies, Aloha Construction does not offer price quotes. Instead, the company organizes a free in-house assessment with the owner of the house to estimate the nature of the remodeling before giving out a way forward.

Kitchen Remodelling

Aloha Construction offers homeowners a complete kitchen upgrade that suits the preferences of the owner. With decades of unmatched experience in the industry, the company has successfully remodeled different types of kitchens. Specifically, the company deals in L-shaped kitchens, U-shaped kitchens, country farmhouse kitchens, RV kitchens and bungalow kitchens. Free home assessments are conducted prior to the onset of remodeling.

Water Mitigation Services

Aloha Construction Co. employs certified water restoration experts to fix any leak that might have occurred in your house. The company offers you a free assessment of the damage, and their response to your call is immediate. The diverse nature of the company has enabled it to work with residential and commercial homeowners. Most restoration companies usually restore leaking pipes but end up leaving behind residual effects. This is not the case with Aloha Construction. The company ensures that no residues are left behind and guarantees you a dry house in less than 48 hours.

About Aloha Construction Co.

Aloha Construction Company is a home remodeling company that specializes in Creative Remodelling, Professional Basement Finishing, Kitchen Remodelling, and Bathroom Remodelling just to name a few.

The company which is located in Lake Zurich Illinois employs fully-competent and highly-skilled technicians to take care of your remodeling needs. As a company that is fully insured, you are guaranteed the peace of mind that everything that is going to happen while the restoration process is ongoing will be fully covered.