Success Academy Results Shock the Public Education Establishment

Success Academy is a network of charter schools in New York City founded and run by Eva Moskowitz. It’s making a huge impact in education circles and in the potential futures of its students.

Although most of its students are immigrants or African-Americans or Hispanic-Americans or Asian-Americans, and almost all of them are from low-income households, Success Academy test results are beating even those students from the wealthiest school districts in New York.

Success Academy does a lot of things differently than ordinary public schools, and also from other charter schools that achieve extraordinary results.

They start off the day with the principal shaking each student’s hand and welcoming them.

They emphasize doing, not passive listening. Students spend only 80 minutes a day sitting at their desks listening to a teacher lecture them. They devote the remainder of the day to hands on learning and to working in small groups. They work hard to make students fall in love with learning so they would attend school even if they didn’t have to.

Success Academy also has high expectations for the parents of their students. They require parents to get their students there on time every day, in uniform. And they expect parents to read a book a night and to make sure all their homework gets done. They also encourage parents to stay in touch with the teachers and how well their student is doing. Teacher parent communication is considered essential to the equation.

Students are selected by a lottery system. And they have ten applications for every slot. Their schools are safe.


It’s Good To Know That Target Carries Beneful Dog Food

Just recently, I discovered that Beneful dog food products are regularly stocked and sold by Target. If you own or care for a dog or dogs, that’s a good thing to know. It’s always good to be able to purchase products from trusted and reliable retailers such as Target.

There are more than 1,800 Target stores located across the United States, and they are conveniently open seven days a week. A large selection of Beneful dog foods are available at Target stores and online, through their website.

Beneful dog foods are very popular worldwide, and Target carries a wide variety of both wet and dry varieties.

When it comes to Beneful dry dog food, the Beneful Originals formulas are favorite foods of dogs everywhere, and are available in real beef, real salmon, and real chicken varieties at Target.

Other types of Beneful dry dog food at Target include the Healthy Weight, Healthy Puppy, IncrediBites, and Playful Life varieties. Target even offers a nutritious, grain-free Beneful dry dog food.

An impressive assortment of Beneful wet dog foods are also available from Target. These include several varieties of wet Beneful Prepared Meals and canned IncrediBites formulas. Prepared Meals varieties include rice and lamb stew, roast chicken, beef stew, and roast turkey.

A wonderful thing about buying Beneful dog food at Target is that you can pick up the dog food while also shopping for other items. You do not have to make a special trip to a pet supply store to purchase this food that dogs everywhere like to eat.

A Life That Is Real

If you have ever seen “The Greyhound Diaries” by Doug Levitt, which comes highly recommended, you will notice something very interesting. It is the disparity between what statistics will tell you, and what those people behind statistics will show you. The Greyhound Diaries is all about the chronicling of the people in America who technically fall into the poverty category. The statistics will show you all the numbers involved, but Doug Levitt will show you the human faces that make those statistics.

When you see the difference between the numbers and the human condition those numbers represent, you will see the importance of it all. Roughly 50 million Americans qualify as living in poverty, but what does that really mean? Unless you are living in poverty yourself or have daily access to those who are, all you know is what the numbers tell you. Which isn’t much when you consider what poverty does to people. Without the money that others have who are not living under the poverty line have, they do not have access to adequate healthcare. Or the types transportation that make getting to and from work easy. Or the modern technology that so many of us take for granted.

Living under the poverty line puts you in somewhat of a different world than others, even though we all share the same country. A country that the rest of world sees as modern and privileged, is a country that Doug Levitt shows as socio-economically diverse. Diverse to the degree that many of us right here in America do not want to accept. We choose to look the other way, and that’s a shame. To quote John Mellencamp, “We shame ourselves to watch people like this live”.Watch The Greyhound Diaries though and you will see a certain kind of passion in the people Doug showcases. That passion for surviving is borne out of necessity, and it creates a life that is real. You will see no posturing, grandstanding or petty conversations on a Greyhound bus. You don’t have the time to waste of things like that when all your time is taken in just getting by.

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Let A Professional Dental Office Correct Your Smile

When you have a confident smile it makes it easy to interact with other people and leaves a great first impression on people. MB2 Dental is committed to your award winning smile at any age. Most dental professionals will recommend that you have routine maintenance on your teeth, from as early as, a toddler. Protecting your smile today can mean less dental issues and fewer trips to a dentist office in your adult life. Get a highly trained and qualified dental expert. They offer an experienced leader in all procedures and flexible payment plans for patients without insurance.


They offer the latest dental technology with over 25+ years of dental experience. Get a refreshing smile with fewer office visits and less recovery time for routine procedures including braces with Invisalign. MB2 Dental specializes in diagnose, treatment, and prevention techniques. They can help you determine if that pain in your tooth or gum is oral cancer or something minor. An orthodontist specializes in oral surgery and other complex fields of dentistry. When your dental work requires a specialist, you’ll be referred to an orthodontist. The removal of difficult wisdom teeth can be a reason to call in a professional orthodontist for oral surgery.


Office Procedures


– Fillings

– Crowns

– Bridges

– Braces

– Teeth Whitening

– Dental implants

– Porcelain veneers

– Sedation

– Gum disease

– Cavities

– Root Canal

– Tooth Alignment

– Braces

– Overbites

and more…


You never have to worry about a crooked smile with the skills and training of a professional dentist. They can repair your smile and get you back to work or school fast. They also offer emergency services for those patients that need assistance after hours. Get award winning dentistry that thousands of people already trust as their family dental provider.


MB2 Dental cares for their patients and their smile. They’re committed to giving you the confidence that you deserve to smile brightly. You have the option of being around a friendly knowledgeable staff that puts your needs first. In fact, they cater to cowards with several types of sedation methods including holistic therapy. Rest assured, you’ll have a licensed professional that has the experience and know how to greatly enhance your smile. Your oral health is their top priority and they strive hard to give their customers a relaxed setting that encourages them to become a regular dental patient at MB2 Dental.


Sujit Choudry Founder of Center for Constitutional Transitions that Deals with Comparative Law

Comparative law is where the relationship between different legal systems is studied, and both the similarities and differences between them are analyzed. Various legal regimes such as Common law, Civil law, Social law, Jewish law, Chinese law and Hindu law are studied. Although legal scholars are believed to have always practised similar methodologies, comparative law is said to have originated from Europe back in the 18th Century.

Comparative law is paramount. It has increased significantly in the present day and age of both economic globalization and democratization. It is an academic discipline that involves studying legal systems, including those in their constitutive elements, how they differ and using their elements to combine a system.  Additional article on

Comparative law has its purposes. It contributes to the unification of legal systems of larger or smaller scales. It perfects the effects of the legal systems and also helps attain a deeper knowledge of the effects of legal systems. Despite the Comparative law being different from other fields of law such as the International Law, it helps the United Nation Systems to analyze the laws of different countries regarding their treaty obligations.  More on

Sujit Choudry is the founding Director of Center for Constitutional Transitions. He is the I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law at the University of California, Berkeley – School of Law, check this on  It is recognized internationally in its authority on Comparative Constitutional law and politics. Constitutional Transitions combine wide-ranging research agendas with broad field experiences and advise them on the processes of building the constitution including countries such as Egypt, Libya, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Tunisia, Jordan, and Ukraine. To date, Center for Constitutional Transitions has worked with over 50 experts from more than 25 countries. It also partners with a global network of multilateral organizations, NGOs and thinks tanks.

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Sujit Choudry has spoken and lectured in over 24 countries. His research has addressed a variety of issues in politics and comparative law. Sujit Choudry has also published book chapters, working papers, reports, and over ninety articles. Sujit Choudhry is an active member of the Executive Committee of the International Society of Public Law, Advisory Board for the Cambridge Studies in Constitutional Law, Editorial Board of the Constitutional Review and the International Advisory Council of the Institute for Integrated Transitions (IFIT).  More to read about Choudhry on


InnovaCare Health Thrives Further Under Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto

It takes a lot of effort to build a healthcare system and the government has shown commitment in developing a reliable system where citizens are able to access vital services through Medicare plans. The introduction of Medicare and Medicaid programs opened a new chapter in the administration of healthcare services as it offered private healthcare companies a chance to venture into healthcare to provide better healthcare choices to people in various regions.

Among companies that have been supporting the implementation of these programs is InnovaCare Health, which is based in Puerto Rico. InnovaCare Health has been delivering healthcare solutions to users of Medicare by developing reliable plans that have helped the company to stand out in the market. Part of the great performance that has been witnessed at the company in the last five years is attributed to the structural changes that were made to introduce better technological features.

Some of these technologies that were introduced include the development of a better service delivery system that is focused on efficiency and cost effectiveness. The benefits of cost saving that were achieved after the system was installed were transferred to users of various managed healthcare services in the form of cheaper rates. Also top in the reasons InnovaCare Health has been on a trend of growth is that the company embraced new leadership within the last five years, an action that introduced better ideas that later shaped the company towards attaining better performance. Contact details available at

Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto currently works as the President and CEO of InnovaCare, Inc. He, before moving to InnovaCare Inc., worked as the President and CEO of Aveta from 2008 until the time the company was sold in 2012. He was also a member of the management team and a key decision maker, who allowed the company to build strong structures of leadership and operations. With more than 20 years experience in operational and clinical healthcare, Rick Shinto proposed useful changes and ideas that portrayed InnovCare Health as a dedicated managed healthcare services provider. He also worked as the Vice President of the Medical Management subsidiary of MedPartners between 1996 and 1997.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides, the chief administrative officer of InnovaCare Inc., is a professional whose experience with government programs (Medicaid and Medicare) allowed her to bring transformation to InnovaCare Health that saw the service delivery of the company get better to the advantage of users. She also headed Aveta as CEO and was deputy CEO at the time Rick Shinto held the mantle.

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Mikhail Blagosklonny – the undisputed Oncologist

Mr. Mikhail Blagosklonny is an undisputed scientist and a professor of oncology who currently works at RPCI (Roswell Park Cancer Institute). He earned both his master degree in internal medicine and Ph.D. in cardiology and experimental medicine from First Pavlov State Medical University. Before joining Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Mikhail was an associate professor at the New York Medical College. Furthermore, Mikhail worked as a scientist at the Ordway Research Institute, where most of his research were focusing on cancer treatment, anti-aging drugs, aging mechanism, and cancer therapies. Perhaps, Blagosklonny is a passionate advocate of the cancer drug known as Rapamycin. He even developed a hypothesis on the role of TOR signaling in aging and cancer treatment. According to the hypothesis, Rapamycin drug can prolong the life of a human being.

Mikhail Blagosklonny serves as a chief editor to several publications such as Cell Cycle and Oncotarget. He also works as an associate editor of the editorial board of Cancer Therapy and Biology. He understands that it is not a miracle to have a society that is free from aging and cancer effects. Because of this reason, Mikhail has dedicated most of his time in conducting more research in oncology study. In addition to his hypothesis, Blagosklonny zeroes in cellular biology, molecular biology, tumor suppressors, clinical investigation, ontogenesis, and anti-cancer therapeutics. Also, Mikhail has made a lot of contributions to the science journals. He believes that through journals, people can be aware of the things that are happening in their life. Mr. Mikhail Blagosklonny has written more than 300 articles. Most of his publications are about cell cyclotherapy, aging hyperfunction, and chemotherapeutic engineering.

Visit ResearchGate.Net to know more about Mikhail’s latest work.

‘I See Gold Price Is Rising – Can I Buy Gold on New US Money Reserve Website?’

There are a number of television, cable and satellite shows devoted exclusively to stocks. Unfortunately, it can be somewhat difficult to find ones, which concentrate solely on gold or silver. Why is that?


Gold investment is a bit more refined than stock investing. The gold community has members who understand the long-standing, fundamental value of these precious metals. When you see the gold price rising, you might want to check out the new US Money Reserve website to buy a couple of coins.


“Why is Gold Rising?”


In many ways, gold is like a big smiley face. When the economy is doing well, people will purchase the precious metal, making its price rise. Investors with spare wealth might want to transform it into a couple of gold coins to reflect their success.


Just as you buy an ice cream cone on a summer day, you might also want to buy some nice shiny gold coins during good times. Gold is a reflection of your “good times.”


For 2017, the United States is hopeful of better times. Thus, many Americans are buying up gold to reflect this newfound optimism.


“US Money Reserve Coins”


US Money Reserve’s new website optimizes its user-friendly features to allow people to find exactly what they need, quickly. Here are just a few of the things you can do on the website:


+ View Spot Prices

+ Order Information Kit

+ Buy Coins


Simply scroll down to the center of the screen to view the coins being promoted. The 1 oz. Pearl Harbor Gold Coin is a great way to commemorate history. The 1 oz. Gold American Buffalo Coin is a classic rendition of the famous Buffalo Nickel (also known as the Indian Head Nickel). One side has a classical American Indian profile, while the other side has a beautiful American Buffalo.


After visiting US Money Reserve, you might discover more about the world. The top American coins were made with beautiful designs. These numismatics serve economic, political and historical functions.


“Buy Low, Sell High”


As 2017 proceeds, the American public’s exuberance is likely to increase. Since the gold price is rising in the winter (which is usually a slow time), it bodes well for year-long gains. Americans are optimistic about their future prospects. You could join in the celebration by purchasing some gold coins, before the price gets too high. Check out US Money Reserve.


Ushealth Group Redefining Insurance

The USHEALTH Group Inc. is the parent company of several subsidiary units that are committed to offering a comprehensive portfolio of health insurance plans. These plans are customized to fit the needs of each and every one of their customers. It was initially incorporated as Ascent Assurance Inc., but later changed its name to USHEALTH Group Inc.

USHEALTH Group runs its operations in Fort Worth, Texas under the current President Troy A. McQuagge. He succeeded Ben Cutler, who moved to the position of CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The mission of the USHEALTH Group is embodied in the acronym HOPE – Helping other people every day. All the operations in the company are geared towards providing sustainability in the form of financial security to their extensive client base. The company is determined to transform the insurance industry by developing a prime health insurance system in the U.S that delivers top notch service and value to their stakeholders, employees, and most importantly, their customers.

USHEALTH Group Insurance is offered and distributed through their agent based marketing branch, USHEALTH Advisors Insurance, alongside other parent subsidiaries. Together, they have been of vital service to more than fifteen million clients for over five decades since its inception. The insurance plans are innovative solutions for customers from all walks of life, specifically targeting the self-employed individuals, families, and small business owners.

USHEALTH Group Insurance is motivated by the fact that every customer has their different insurance needs. These options are made to address the need of each client to have access to an affordable, flexible, and reliable plan that caters to their different health needs.

In a market full of low levels of customer loyalty and high customer turnover, the USHEALTH Group Insurance companies set themselves apart by strategically offering valuable customer service, and ultimately building long-lasting relationships with new and existing clients. As a testament to their strategy, they have been awarded a 2013 Top fifty North American Call Center award.

They aim to achieve their goals by blending employee talents and their profitable products, to achieve undisputed excellence in all aspects of their organization.

The Best Active-Wear Shopping Experience with Fabletics

Amazon controls over 20 percent of the fashion e- commerce market. Such a market share makes them the biggest competitive giants. Competing with such a market force is, however, one of the most daring undertakings an investor can make. One such entrepreneur is Kate Hudson, a model who has managed to grow Fabletics into a multi-million business in a span of three years. Fabletics in an active-wear provider that has employed online subscription mechanism to market its clothing. The inclusion of brands that are aspirational combined with membership establishes a powerful combination that ensures the company remains competitive.


In the recent past, high-value brands have been characterized and defined by the price and quality. Today, with the dynamics of the economics and preferences, the combination is no longer powerful enough to sustain competitiveness in the market. Today, customers watch outs for after services, brand recognition, and exclusive designs. The general manager of Fabletics, Gregg Throgmartin, says that the secret behind the company’s success is as a result of engineering a new image of high-value. Additionally, the membership model allows the institution to understand the customers’ needs and consequently, ensure their satisfaction.


Fabletics have adopted ways that have enabled them to have an ever increasing flow of clients. The enterprise encourages reverse showrooming. The act of showrooming kill business as customer browse offline and shop elsewhere. The reverse technique, however, enables Fabletics to establish good relationships with customer and as a result, over 50 percent of the people visiting their stores are registered, and 25 percent subscribe from the stores.


Fabletics products are of the very best quality. When compared with the price they sell, the products are worth the money. For instance, in the case of underwear’s, the materials are thick and have a great compression. They are soft to the touch, and their colors don’t fade. Additionally, they don’t lose shape and compression even after workouts.

The value is high considered to other brands. A product from Fabletics will go for less as compared to rival brands. An outfit that goes for $ 100 will cost $ 49.95 for VIP members. On the first shopping experience, item purchased goes for just $25. Additionally, the company offers free shipping services.


Fabletics goes further to understand the client’s needs by providing a quiz. New products are then recommended to customers based on their style and kind of workouts. Instead of browsing each and every outfit, the system automatically selects your matching outfits.