Doe Deere Continues Having Fun with Lime Crime

Doe Deere is more than a pretty face. Her make-up brush has made her a successful business woman and an artist who just recently was named one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made Magazine. Ms. Deere is the founder, CEO, and owner of Lime Crime make-up. This cosmetic juggernaut born in Russia but reared in New York describes herself as a fearless unicorn who because of her childish imagination now makes a living creating color as an adult.

Deere’s colorful dream was launched in 2008. Her vision of bold colors was launched primarily because she was unable to buy make-up colors bright enough to match the unique colors of her clothes. Beauty according to Deere is not just what looks good or natural, it’s what feels right at the moment. Her product because it’s built around this principle not only beautifies the wearer, but it also liberates and emboldens her. For the creator of Lime Crime, cosmetics do more than hide blemishes and imperfections, they are “a form of freedom and self-expression.”

Lime Crime is not a product that should be worn by those who are timid. The intensely pigmented vibrant line of colors are for those who were born different, who are aware of and embrace that difference, and who are proud of it. The brand name invokes the spirit of the unicorn and images of her favorite color-green. The rhyme of the name is an extra bonus to a legacy that has brought about a color revolution. Simple rule of looking good have been replaced by the attractiveness of fun.

Deere’s biggest success in the business to date is a new type of lipstick. It is a liquid to matte formula that stays on through the most intense kiss; it’s transfer proof, and it doesn’t crumble. The Velvetines as they are called are also vegan which means they contain no animal derived by-products.

Lime Crime is an internet business. Being that kind of business has had advantages and challenges for the innovative CEO. The immediate feedback about her product is a clear advantage. It keeps Deere on point about her customer base’s needs,their likes and dislikes. The challenge is that social media can easily be infected with rumors that quickly spread slander and misinformation. She’s learned to ignore haters and just work harder at creating and sharing her ideas, dreams, and colors.

Doe Deere lives in a colorful world that keeps on getting brighter.


Brazilian law: Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

Brazil has one of the greatest association of layers. They cover all aspects of litigation not limited too; crime and compliance, environmental and protecting labor laws. Many law offices do pro bono services regularly. A nonprofit organization dedicated to establishing a global volunteer movement offering opportunities for guidance and friendship for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Brazil is a litigious country with extremely strict environmental laws. There is a great demand for lawyers with greater skill and expertise in the area. For example, obtaining success in the defense against a civil action that the Union sought an injunction to stop the construction of a plant in the southern Brazil region based on an incomplete environmental assessment. The decision of second instance was favorable to the customer and the power plant is still in operation.

These law benefits are the accomplishments of Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho’s Law Firm. They have the important knowledge of sociality, and Brazilian authorities.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a successful and brilliant entrepreneur of the Brazilian law to date. He is also an outstanding strategist, and a market leader. He pushed through centenarian firms in business litigation, and in a few years put his office among the largest in Brazil. He planned and acted in defense of individuals and companies in several cases that gained national attention. He advocated for large Brazilian and multinational groups including politicians of various ideological hues. He covers government, pro bono and non-governmental organizations. Contributed decisively to the creation of great economic importance of laws in Brazil. It pioneered the adoption of several legal mechanisms that came to become commonly used tools in the industry.

Ricardo Tosto has worked for more than 15 years in the business law area, especially credit recovery, bank contracts, bankruptcy, judicial recovery, “Acquisition Review” and corporate restructuring. Also operates in the area of international and Electoral Law in general. His fluent languages include Portuguese and English.


FreedomPop Has Proven Themselves To Be A Great Company

Comparing different wireless carriers is easy enough, but how is it possible to compare them all to decide which one is the best one to choose? Every person will have their own say as to which wireless carrier they would prefer, but each person should choose a wireless carrier based on what their needs are. Many who need wireless services are looking for low prices, even if it means that the quality of the services is not as good as it should be. Those who are insistent on getting low prices will find it with FreedomPop services but will also get quality services as well.

It’s easy for anyone to say that they have quality services, but FreedomPop can prove that their services are great. Umbrella’d underneath the Sprint network, FreedomPop uses the cell towers that Sprint offers in order to bring reliable wireless services to its users. Those who choose FreedomPop as a cell phone carrier will only pay a $20 monthly bill, which can be even less if the user chooses to get the service for free. The cell phone service that’s free of charge from FreedomPop has limited talk time, text messages, and data but is still a great value.

Many are able to stay within the 200 minutes of talk time that’s offered with the free plan as well as the 500 text messages, but the data, which is only 500 MB, may be a problem. Those that want extra data for their free plan should sign up for the unlimited $5 monthly Wi-Fi plan from FreedomPop, which means that they can use the data from the Wi-Fi service each time they need it on their phone. Some phones allow Wi-Fi calling, so adding the Wi-Fi monthly plan makes it easier to stay within the free allotment limits.

Anyone can use the monthly Wi-Fi service, which can be used on laptops, cell phones, and tablets. Along with the great Wi-Fi service, FreedomPop also offers portable mini hotspots, which will receive free data from FreedomPop as well. Although only 500 MB of data is offered to those who get a hotspot, anyone can purchase additional data by looking into the plans that FreedomPop has for the portable hotspots. Other services from FreedomPop includes the home Internet service, and the service only requires the purchase of a FreedomPop modem, and 1 GB of Internet data is provided for free as well.

Check out this review of FreedomPop

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Shea Butter: Why You Should Try It

In today’s society, the more natural and organic the better. Though you really can’t blame Americans for wanting to find healthier ways of living to promote longer lives. When you think of natural ingredients, you likely think of promoting good health. One natural ingredient that has shown to have many health benefits is shea butter. Most know of it as being a moisturizer, but it has many more uses that are popular around the world.

Though you’ve probably used shea butter in your favorite moisturizer in the past, most people aren’t sure where it derives from and its other benefits. The African Shea tree produces a fruit. The seeds from that fruit contain a fatty oil in which shea butter is made from. It’s that simple- shea butter is a fat! Shea butter holds anti aging benefits that allow the skin to produce more collagen naturally. It also has been known to improve elasticity in the skin, which is why it can be used to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Many pregnant women use it to prevent the stretch marks from appearing, and for many, it really does work. In other countries, the shea fruit and seeds are used for many cooking reasons.

One of the best brands of shea butter available to the public is Eugenia Shea. They use one hundred percent natural and organic shea butter. They use three different formulas to differentiate how powerful each one is. The pregnancy formula is great for stretch marks, whether its preventing them or getting rid of them. The dermatological formula is one that is great for severe skin dryness, like excema, for example. If you suffer from itchy, patchy and rough skin, this would be an ideal formula for you. Then there is the everyday formula to ensure skin softness daily. This one is great if you are looking for the best kind of moisturizer. Eugenia Shea is a trusted brand and one that is affordable and beneficial to the skin.

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Bold And Sassy Lime Crime Makeup Brand Explodes On Social Media

If you think all makeup looks alike, you’d be very wrong, especially when Lime Crime takes out its wild and crazy, beyond the rainbow color palettes.

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime makeup and a businesswoman who believes that vivid, highly pigmented lipsticks, liners and eye shadows have their place in the world. Apparently, the globe agrees, because Lime Crime boasts more than 2.2 million followers on Instagram, according to an interview with

Doe Deere created her independent company in 2008, because there weren’t enough, bright, colorful and quality made cosmetics out there. She liked playing with candy-colored hair shades, bold fashion hues and bright, wild makeup, so she embarked on a business journey, establishing her Lime Crime brand.

Today, Doe Deere is riding the huge wave of success and being recognized for her vision, products and large social media presence. Doe Deere was recently named to the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine, along with other smart chicks like Suze Orman and Arianna Huffington.

Doe Deere calls Lime Crime a color revolution, encouraging young women and men to explore with makeup, venture boldly and wear her bright blue lipstick proudly or any other amazing shades she keeps rolling out.

Traditional makeup is beige and sometimes boring, and although it retains its place in society, it’s a bit stale. Lime Crime is different and modern and showing up at red carpet events, on magazine covers and photo shoots. The brand has exploded and big stars like Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry enjoy wearing Lime Crime.

Doe Deere is the originator of the liquid-to-matte lipstick that women love collecting. Her radical color base is incredible, featuring wild and crazy colors with vivid opacity and true staying power. Her popular Velvetines lipsticks are so amazing, you can make out in them and still look like you’ve just arrived at the party.

Doe Deere has made sure that Lime Crime is strongly cemented to her global customer base. She loves getting the instant feedback that social media allows, and her fans adore sharing Lime Crime selfies.  Check out what they have to offer for yourself online at Doll’s Kill, and near you at UrbanOutfitters.

George Soros Wants to Save the New Ukraine

George Soros has become one of the most highly regarded authors on the subject of the reforms in Ukraine and what can be done to make sure the country maintains its freedom and stability. He refers to the new Ukraine as the politically reformed country that emerged from pro-European protests that ousted former President Viktor F. Yanukovych out of power. He admires the resilience and perseverance of the citizens of Ukraine in continuing to march ahead with dramatic economic and political reforms even in the face of violent assaults from Russian forces that supported the eastern Ukraine separatists.

George Soros has an extremely positive view of the new Ukraine, which he says is almost the complete opposite of the former regime. The people demanded more democratic reforms and a general openness in government that had never previously existed in that country. Ukrainians fighting for reform looked to the example of democratic European countries to model their movement after. While the immediate focus was first on defeating Russian forces, the reformers in Ukraine have remained steadfastly committed to seeing their reforms through. Soros admires the former government officials who have given up their lucrative posts to fight alongside the reforms for increased modernity and transparency in Ukrainian government.

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George Soros – Business Leader, Philanthropist

Even though Soros is very optimistic about the potential for Ukraine to continue implementing important reforms, he worries that the entrenched bureaucracy in Ukraine is still a formidable force to be reckoned with. In addition, Vladimir Putin remains focused on destroying the progress achieved so far in Ukraine and has the military forces to carry out his meddling agenda. The weak Russian economy has not sufficiently deterred Putin from continuing to threaten interference in Ukrainian affairs. Although Ukraine has the desire and resources to post a serious military defense against Russian forces, it definitely lacks the funding to mount this defense in combination with continued reforms.

Soros pinpoints the immediate financial need for Ukraine at $15 billion. He urges Europe to step up to the plate and offer additional financial assistance to Ukraine to ensure its continued independence from Russia and additional political reforms. Soros reasons that the success of Ukraine means a much stronger Europe overall. The stakes are simply too high to allow Russia to prevail in this situation. Soros warns that the European Union could be in serious trouble in the wake of a Russian victory over Ukraine. For Soros, this means that the rule of force would have triumphed over the rule of law, which would send a devastating message to the entire continent. The European Union has been losing out on consistent support from citizens of its member countries. Soros argues that a win for Ukraine in the long run could bolster the overall popularity of the European Union, especially among Ukrainians who are grateful for its support.

Although Soros recognizes that Ukraine is in need of quite a bit of support, he simply states that the stakes are far too high to deny it the assistance it needs.

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Saving The Country One Whistleblower At A Time

Jordan A. Thomas used to work in capacity as an Assistant Director. He was also Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel. Both of these offices were held down by Thomas in the SEC, specifically the Division of Enforcement. While in this position, Thomas drafted legislation that would eventually become known as the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

This act has been labeled by many as one of the most expansive in the history of the United States; at least since the Great Depression. And it should be, the Great Recession of 2008 is starting to impact the entire country now, just like waves spread incrementally from the center of an impact and thence proceed to higher values of fluctuation before settling again. Jordan A. Thomas wants to see things settle again, so proceeding the 2008 crisis, he wrote the legislation that was enacted in 2010, and immediately began to lead a legal practice called Labaton Sucharow.

Labaton Sucharow specializes in Whistleblower Representation, and was the first to do so after the Dodd-Frank Reform came into effect. Through Dodd-Frank, whistleblowers do not have to fear the loss of their job. The legislation protects their employment status, and ensures that they’ll be able to continue functioning within their corporate enterprise without facing recriminations. Additionally, Dodd-Frank provides incentives. Specifically, between ten and thirty percent of recovered monetary sanctions will be given to whistleblowers. There are more available incentives available, provided additional sanctions are recovered. The ten to thirty percent spread indicates some room for negotiation as well, demonstrating just how well Jordan A. Thomas understands the situation.

Finally, for those who must retain their anonymity, such a thing is possible through Labaton Sucharow. When you contact them for an initial consultation, you need not provide your name–though this is strongly advised. Such consultations are cost-free, as an initial consultation should be. Anonymity can continue throughout the case, though it is possible whistleblowers will become known to the attorneys.

Sometimes remaining anonymous in the dispensation of information to government agencies is the only way to remain on good terms with any of the employees that such individuals work with on a daily basis. It’s very difficult to continue working at the same wages when everybody in the office becomes hateful against the person who reported unethical practices. This can happen. Legal representation is the only way to ensure any level of anonymity.

Learn more about SEC Whistleblower lawyers

Why Is The Merchandising Expertise Of Kenneth Goodgame So Important To True Value?

The people who come to True Value to shop for their home improvement supplies are expecting to see a certain kind of place that is fun to shop in. They remember what it looked like long ago, and that is something that Kenneth Goodgame is playing on as he manages merchandising for the company. The merchandising that he does for his company makes it look like it is back in the old days, but anyone who comes into the stores will notice that it also has all the modern styling that are needed in a new store.

There are a lot of people who are trying to make sure that they are going to have the hardware and supplies they need to do jobs in their homes, and they are going to have a much easier time finding what they are looking for if they are shopping at True Value. Kenneth Goodgame has made it so that his company is a very easy place to shop in, and he wants to be sure that all the people that start with his company stay because it looks so nice.

He has also thought about how it feels when people come into the store for the first time. They have a notion of how it should look, and that is why he has made sure that people who come into the True Value brand stores are going to be able to see the touches of the old world along with all the new things that they must sell. He has been very successful in combining the merchandising from the old world with the things that make a modern store successful. That is the reason why Kenneth Goodgame is such a perfect person to work with, and it is why True Value is such a strong figure in retail America.

The Incredible Global Impacts of Talk Fusion’s Founder and CEO Bob Reina

Talk Fusion opened in 2007 and became an incredible Video Marketing Solution. Talk Fusion offers businesses and charities alike the opportunity to make connections with the people they want and need to reach the most.

Talk Fusion is able to offer our clients something intangible, connection. Despite the priceless results, the products are still affordable. This company is about giving back to the community and changing lives. Thanks to Founder & CEO Bob Reina that is exactly what is happening every day.

“With great success comes greater responsibility”, is a quote that is often heard from Bob. He ensures that Talk Fusion is always pushing forward to give back. Bob has given $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa, provided support to Nepal earthquake victims, assisted people living in Japan during the tsunami and giving to an Indonesian orphanage. Through Talk Fusion and Independent Associates in 140 countries, Bob creates life saving change throughout the world.

One of Bob’s most recent programs allows every Talk Fusion Associate to choose a charity to donate one free Custom Monthly Plan account to. These accounts include a full line of Talk Fusion products. This program gives power to charities and nonprofits to connect with others and gain support that was out of their reach before.

The devotion of Bob Reina has resulted in an astonishing amount of success stories demonstrating how Talk Fusion has affected their life for the better with their high-end video marking services. Folks have shared how they gained access to funds that forever changed lives or even saved lives. Talk Fusion has created a ripple effect where positive changes that carry on to those who have benefited. Bob is very proud of the impact his mission has and will continue to have on the world. To learn more about Bob Reina and Talk Fusion, click here for full article.

How Avi Weisfogel Gives Back

Dentist Avi Weisfogel is involved in several charities and business ventures. He also has an active and engaging social media presence. These things emphasizes the tremendous impact that they have on her work in dentistry.

In his dedication to dentistry, Avi Weisfogel set up a GoFundMe page to help fund Operation Smile. Operation Smile is a non-profit organization that is committed to fixing cleft palates and lips, aliments which many children suffer from. By fixing these issues, he hopes to give these children a better smile, which will free them from future dental and orthodontic issues.

As documented in Weisfogel’s WordPress blog, Weisfogel is involved in quite a few charities. One business venture that Weisfogel is involved in Dental Sleep Masters (DSM). Dental Sleep Masters (DSM) helps dentists restructure their business model efficiently. Weisfogel also acts as a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. Through this organization, Weisfogel works to fix various sleep problems, such as sleep apnea and snoring, that plague hundreds of people today.

Avi Weisfogel also has a thriving social media presence via his Twitter page. Weisfogel uses his Twitter page to establish a loyal following among his client base. He also uses it to tell his followers of any charities and business ventures he is involved in. Furthermore, Weisfogel posts advice that his clients can follow to help them better protect their teeth. Weisfogel uses his Twitter page efficiently to give dentistry information, while being factual and supportive.

Avi Weisfogel’s charities, business ventures, and social media presence helps to establish him as a proficient dentist in his local community and beyond.