Bridget Scarr’s advice to young entrepreneurs

Bridget Scarr is a successful media production entrepreneur based in London, United Kingdom. She studied at Rhodes University and later worked as a TV producer before transitioning to innovative production and writing. Bridget’s projects attract a large audience across various platforms. Her over 15 years experience as an executive producer has enabled her to successfully direct several creative and technical productions teams. These productions include animation, entertainment, advertisements, factual entertainment programming and lifestyle.



Bridget’s ambition was to actualize her ideas and that of others. This ambition led to the development of Colibri Studios. The studio has since brought to life this ambition through exhibition projects, Augmented and Virtual reality, Digital Content and traditional TV projects. Colibri Studios has teamed up with international journalists, creative talent and project partners with the aim of actualizing projects. Bridget Scarr manages content development, partnership and strategy part of the project.



Bridget believes that actualization of projects relies on its primary inspiration. She is currently working on a project to create an app that will enable the current generation understand people who lived in the past. The app will create understanding through factual and scripted elements such as landmarks and monuments as well as narrative stories.



Bridget believes that regular meditation and time out to natural environments helps create focus and new energy. She encourages individuals to embrace meditation and make it a routine activity as this changed her world for the better. Bridget believes in planning her time well in order to have a productive day. She also values her family as she creates time to bond with her son and partner.



Bridget Scarr encourages individuals to never lose hope with the challenges that come with life. Individuals should be thankful to those who are always supportive of them. They should also get rid of fear, love unconditionally and believe in oneself. She emphasizes that challenges do present a learning platform. One should therefore concentrate on the opportunities that come with challenges.



As an entrepreneur, Bridget believes that a wine app is a great investment opportunity that has not been tapped into. With advancement in technology, the app presents a unique business opportunity for both wine stores and online retailers. It should avail virtual wine store accompanied by home delivery services.



Every human being wishes to fulfill their ambitions. There are several challenges that hinder one’s success but the most important thing is to stand, shake off the dust and move on. Discover your points of interest and work towards attaining your goals. This is the foundation to renowned global entrepreneurs.


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