Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva at the Helm of MB2 Leadership

Dr. Villanueva has worked as an associate dentist trainer and mentor as well as an advocate for doctor focused practice model. He has also been a dental director and dental practice owner and currently serves as the CEO of the largest doctor owned dental organization. This experience has pushed him to starting the MB2 Company that seeks to support dentists in offering quality service to patients without having to cut back on their patient-doctor time. Dr. Villanueva has a unique understanding of both provider and the business end thus has a better chance providing guidance that guarantees clinical autonomy. He is passionate about maintain the autonomy of the dental profession. He is a passionate about educating new dentist about some of the options they have once they are done with dental school.


Although born in Ohio, Dr. Chris spent most of his time in South America and Asia after graduating high school in Caracas, Venezuela. MB2 came into existence as an idea of a passionate practitioner whose vision is to promote the best of both corporate dentistry and sole proprietorship dentistry. He has spent time on both sides of the divide hence has an appropriate understanding of what is needed to provide the necessary kind of support for dentist. The birth of MB2 came to be because of Dr. Villanueva realizing that there was need for dentists to get the much-needed support without any strings attached. The idea was to help dentists focus on the main job for which they were trained for and not have to worry about the daily pertains of the dental office side.


MB2 was built, as a dentist owned support system that focuses on support, autonomy, personal growth and having fun. With the support that this organization gives dentists, they are able to provide better services to their patients and actually improve lives. These way patients are not patronized but rather have their lives improved. The innovations made by Dr. Chris Villanueva helps promote improved operating standards that help keep practitioners happy and in turn, helps promote their businesses while at the same time keeping patients happy. The idea came to him when he just graduated dental school and realized that there were only two options available to him one being to join an already existing practice or open a private practice with the second option being almost close to impossible due to numerous challenges. He knew he wanted the best of both worlds for himself and other doctors.

Let A Professional Dental Office Correct Your Smile

When you have a confident smile it makes it easy to interact with other people and leaves a great first impression on people. MB2 Dental is committed to your award winning smile at any age. Most dental professionals will recommend that you have routine maintenance on your teeth, from as early as, a toddler. Protecting your smile today can mean less dental issues and fewer trips to a dentist office in your adult life. Get a highly trained and qualified dental expert. They offer an experienced leader in all procedures and flexible payment plans for patients without insurance.


They offer the latest dental technology with over 25+ years of dental experience. Get a refreshing smile with fewer office visits and less recovery time for routine procedures including braces with Invisalign. MB2 Dental specializes in diagnose, treatment, and prevention techniques. They can help you determine if that pain in your tooth or gum is oral cancer or something minor. An orthodontist specializes in oral surgery and other complex fields of dentistry. When your dental work requires a specialist, you’ll be referred to an orthodontist. The removal of difficult wisdom teeth can be a reason to call in a professional orthodontist for oral surgery.


Office Procedures


– Fillings

– Crowns

– Bridges

– Braces

– Teeth Whitening

– Dental implants

– Porcelain veneers

– Sedation

– Gum disease

– Cavities

– Root Canal

– Tooth Alignment

– Braces

– Overbites

and more…


You never have to worry about a crooked smile with the skills and training of a professional dentist. They can repair your smile and get you back to work or school fast. They also offer emergency services for those patients that need assistance after hours. Get award winning dentistry that thousands of people already trust as their family dental provider.


MB2 Dental cares for their patients and their smile. They’re committed to giving you the confidence that you deserve to smile brightly. You have the option of being around a friendly knowledgeable staff that puts your needs first. In fact, they cater to cowards with several types of sedation methods including holistic therapy. Rest assured, you’ll have a licensed professional that has the experience and know how to greatly enhance your smile. Your oral health is their top priority and they strive hard to give their customers a relaxed setting that encourages them to become a regular dental patient at MB2 Dental.