George Soros Wants to Save the New Ukraine

George Soros has become one of the most highly regarded authors on the subject of the reforms in Ukraine and what can be done to make sure the country maintains its freedom and stability. He refers to the new Ukraine as the politically reformed country that emerged from pro-European protests that ousted former President Viktor F. Yanukovych out of power. He admires the resilience and perseverance of the citizens of Ukraine in continuing to march ahead with dramatic economic and political reforms even in the face of violent assaults from Russian forces that supported the eastern Ukraine separatists.

George Soros has an extremely positive view of the new Ukraine, which he says is almost the complete opposite of the former regime. The people demanded more democratic reforms and a general openness in government that had never previously existed in that country. Ukrainians fighting for reform looked to the example of democratic European countries to model their movement after. While the immediate focus was first on defeating Russian forces, the reformers in Ukraine have remained steadfastly committed to seeing their reforms through. Soros admires the former government officials who have given up their lucrative posts to fight alongside the reforms for increased modernity and transparency in Ukrainian government.

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Even though Soros is very optimistic about the potential for Ukraine to continue implementing important reforms, he worries that the entrenched bureaucracy in Ukraine is still a formidable force to be reckoned with. In addition, Vladimir Putin remains focused on destroying the progress achieved so far in Ukraine and has the military forces to carry out his meddling agenda. The weak Russian economy has not sufficiently deterred Putin from continuing to threaten interference in Ukrainian affairs. Although Ukraine has the desire and resources to post a serious military defense against Russian forces, it definitely lacks the funding to mount this defense in combination with continued reforms.

Soros pinpoints the immediate financial need for Ukraine at $15 billion. He urges Europe to step up to the plate and offer additional financial assistance to Ukraine to ensure its continued independence from Russia and additional political reforms. Soros reasons that the success of Ukraine means a much stronger Europe overall. The stakes are simply too high to allow Russia to prevail in this situation. Soros warns that the European Union could be in serious trouble in the wake of a Russian victory over Ukraine. For Soros, this means that the rule of force would have triumphed over the rule of law, which would send a devastating message to the entire continent. The European Union has been losing out on consistent support from citizens of its member countries. Soros argues that a win for Ukraine in the long run could bolster the overall popularity of the European Union, especially among Ukrainians who are grateful for its support.

Although Soros recognizes that Ukraine is in need of quite a bit of support, he simply states that the stakes are far too high to deny it the assistance it needs.

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