Rocketship Public Schools Are Gaining In Popularity

The Rocketship Public Schools are gaining in popularity because of the great results that are occurring when parents send their children to them. Children that are taught in these schools are talented and smart, and they love to learn.

When a student goes to the Rocketship Public Schools, they will be dealing with the three pillars that are used in the Rocketship Public Schools system. These pillars are great, and they produce great rewards. The pillars are parent involvement, talent development and learning that is personalized. When the students receive and take part in all three of these pillars, they are in a learning experience that can’t be matched.

The instructors at the Rocketship Public Schools are well educated. They have the background and experience that is needed to teach at the Rocketship Public Schools. They make learning fun for their students, and they strive to produce new and innovative ways to teach the same subjects without them becoming boring. See their reviews here

Rocketship Public Schools has five values that it adheres to at all times. The five values are: Innovation, Community, Authenticity and Excellence. Since these values are taken very seriously by the school’s staff, there is a great success in the way that work is undertaken on a daily basis.

The Rocketship Public Schools produce great students. Parents are pleased with what they find that their children are learning when they attend school. Since it is important that the student puts forth a great effort, they are encouraged to do so every step of the way.

When children are happy to learn, they learn more. They will do this at these schools because of how they operate. The instructors care very deeply about each and every one of the students, and they want them to succeed. Since they offer them as much as possible in order to for the students to gain a great education, they results are extraordinary to say the least.

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My Impression from the Betsy Devos Philanthropy Roundtable Interview

Reading the Betsy Devos Philanthropy Roundtable interview left a good impression on my heart. I am pleased with her start as the wife of philanthropist and entrepreneur Dick Devos.

Moreover, they not only shared being the father and mother of four children and five grandkids. But, they are both community activists. As a college graduate from Calvin University in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Betsy is a former chairwoman of The Philanthropy Roundtable and the American Federation for Children.

She urged for the kids’ choice of real education should be a non-political issue. Her stand is for them to have the freedom to equate their learning outside of the family’s way and place them into a safe environment.

It would be an atmosphere where other parents like Dick and Betsy sensed that electrified influence with care. These special surroundings should be examples of the Potter’s House Christian School in Grand Rapids.

In large, the billionaire couple, Betsy, and Dick started something from the Potter’s House support to reforming education on a broad scale. Their efforts would mean sharing resources with other parents so they could allow the children to select the best school. Check her website for more info at

Therefore, the American Federation for Children would be the means of increasing educational choice across the states. And digital learning could be a part of the movement for children education. This new technology would enhance the kids’ ability to pick up fast in full.

Yes, many parents use the homeschooling option so they might get back the control of providing their children a valid education. They took this action due to them not know where to assign their kids. Now, Betsy is advocating for parents and donors to get involved with their effort in improving the American education.

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She believes all parents need the opportunity to select a better educational environment for their kids. Furthermore, she feels the children deserve a chance to achieve their God-given ability. For decades, Betsy Devos has been involved in improving education and this is the perfect reason President Trump chose her to be his secretary for education.

Success Academy Results Shock the Public Education Establishment

Success Academy is a network of charter schools in New York City founded and run by Eva Moskowitz. It’s making a huge impact in education circles and in the potential futures of its students.

Although most of its students are immigrants or African-Americans or Hispanic-Americans or Asian-Americans, and almost all of them are from low-income households, Success Academy test results are beating even those students from the wealthiest school districts in New York.

Success Academy does a lot of things differently than ordinary public schools, and also from other charter schools that achieve extraordinary results.

They start off the day with the principal shaking each student’s hand and welcoming them.

They emphasize doing, not passive listening. Students spend only 80 minutes a day sitting at their desks listening to a teacher lecture them. They devote the remainder of the day to hands on learning and to working in small groups. They work hard to make students fall in love with learning so they would attend school even if they didn’t have to.

Success Academy also has high expectations for the parents of their students. They require parents to get their students there on time every day, in uniform. And they expect parents to read a book a night and to make sure all their homework gets done. They also encourage parents to stay in touch with the teachers and how well their student is doing. Teacher parent communication is considered essential to the equation.

Students are selected by a lottery system. And they have ten applications for every slot. Their schools are safe.


Committed to The International Availability of Information: The WIT eLibrary

Celebrating 25 years of organizing international conferences with prestigious organizations around the world, the Wessex Institute of Technology continues to impress. Due to the success of Prof Carlos Brebbia, the conference program has evolved into a wide-ranging source of information for a variety of topics in the engineering and computational fields. The quality of the conference program has encouraged delegates to return year after year.

Regularly appearing in notable reviews, publications and databases, and referenced by CrossRef, the papers presented at Wessex Institute conferences are highly regarded. The British Library and American Library of Congress both have archives of all conference books.

WIT Press, Wessex Institute’s publishing arm, certifies maximal circulation across the world of WIT conference research via offices in Europe, the United States of America, and the comprehensive international dissemination network. The eLibrary archives all conference papers online, where they are instantaneously and eternally accessible to the global scientific community. These books, while being published digitally, are also available in paper format.

A Fantastic Way for Teachers and Parents to Interact

When you think about parents and teachers communicating on behalf of the child it brings to mind those quarterly parent/teacher conferences where you really do not get much of a chance to talk as other parents are waiting, so as a parent you basically get a stripped down description of the last few months of the child’s education. This is all changing with the ClassDojo app. This app allows parents and teachers to communicate at any time through private text messaging and it also allows teachers to share photos and videos of the child so that parents can see their child at school and the classwork or projects they are working on. This app has opened the doors of communication between parents and teachers like they have never had before. Parents can feel confident in knowing that they are being updated on their child and they will also enjoy seeing their child interact at school.

Teachers and administrators can also post upcoming important events on the calendar section of the app that informs the parents of things they need to attend in the future. The parents will stay informed in this regard and make plans to attend events listed if able.

The students are also able to post photos and videos to their own personal digital portfolio that allows them to showcase all of their hard work so their parents can see. This is a confident booster for them as they have their work right there to view.

Class Dojo is now in approximately two-thirds of the classrooms all across the United States and that number is growing. This app bridges the gap in the communication lines between parents and teachers like never before and helps everyone to feel confident that the child’s education is on the forefront and that everyone is involved in their education. Parents can feel confident that any issues that need addressed will be directly sent to them and they can help their child with any problems they have in their work. Seeing their child in the classroom environment through photos and videos only helps the parents to feel more involved in their child’s education and thus able to help them more.

Shea Butter: Why You Should Try It

In today’s society, the more natural and organic the better. Though you really can’t blame Americans for wanting to find healthier ways of living to promote longer lives. When you think of natural ingredients, you likely think of promoting good health. One natural ingredient that has shown to have many health benefits is shea butter. Most know of it as being a moisturizer, but it has many more uses that are popular around the world.

Though you’ve probably used shea butter in your favorite moisturizer in the past, most people aren’t sure where it derives from and its other benefits. The African Shea tree produces a fruit. The seeds from that fruit contain a fatty oil in which shea butter is made from. It’s that simple- shea butter is a fat! Shea butter holds anti aging benefits that allow the skin to produce more collagen naturally. It also has been known to improve elasticity in the skin, which is why it can be used to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Many pregnant women use it to prevent the stretch marks from appearing, and for many, it really does work. In other countries, the shea fruit and seeds are used for many cooking reasons.

One of the best brands of shea butter available to the public is Eugenia Shea. They use one hundred percent natural and organic shea butter. They use three different formulas to differentiate how powerful each one is. The pregnancy formula is great for stretch marks, whether its preventing them or getting rid of them. The dermatological formula is one that is great for severe skin dryness, like excema, for example. If you suffer from itchy, patchy and rough skin, this would be an ideal formula for you. Then there is the everyday formula to ensure skin softness daily. This one is great if you are looking for the best kind of moisturizer. Eugenia Shea is a trusted brand and one that is affordable and beneficial to the skin.

Find the entire shea butter collection on their website below:

An App That Brings Parent-Teacher Meetings To You

When you ask any parent if they’d appreciate more engagement with their child’s education, the answer would emphatically be yes. Engaging directly with your child’s teachers at any age, specifically a young age, is something that could be vital to your child’s development. An app has been able to do bring this communication to your fingertips. ClassDojo is a revolutionary communication platform connecting teachers, parents and students together on the same page. ClassDojo utilizes their app to create a positive culture with classrooms and schools.

Communicating through the school year and even the school day, gives parents are actively in touch with what their kids are experiencing. Parent teacher meetings are nearly obsolete. Everyone can be involved by using ClassDojo. Teachers can use the app to create schedules of activities to share with parents. They can add photos or videos to parents showing their latest activity or work. The app has been such a success that it is being used in 85,000 schools in the United States. ClassDojo is being used in private, charter and public schools across the nation. Your child’s privacy is paramount in ClassDojo’s principles. The founders have said that they will never make revenue off of user’s data. This ensures your information is shared securely. With social networking becoming more prevalent in our child’s life, ClassDojo redirects focus to education, while still having a social aspect. The app is in 2 out of every 3 schools and creates a community with everyone in education. The child can enjoy the fun aspects of the app by sharing work they’d might have lost or not shown you immediately. An update while at work to see your son or daughter’s work could boost your day as well. The app has been molded by teachers to provide a thorough product that engages discussion with your child’s school. ClassDojo is free to all teachers. ClassDojo helps teachers, parents, and students safely share wonderful classroom moments. Teachers and parents are busy enough, but this app saves time while your child can enjoy using the app. It’s a fun app where the child can build a customized avatar, share photos with their parents and create an engaging culture to build individual skills, like teamwork and persistence. Find out more and see the success stories on the ClassDojo website today!