Bucks Co-Owner Wes Edens Shares His Upbringing And New-Found Love Of Milwaukee

Wes Edens is an expert entrepreneur and one of the two co-owners of the Milwaukee Bucks NBA franchise. He was born and raised on a ranch in Montana. His father was a psychologist and his mother taught at a local school. He says that he learned empathy from both of his parents and how to look at the perspective of other people. This has helped him grow professionally and act as an investor. His parents also both really love the outdoors which has also become a big part of his working life. After completing high school Wes Edens attended Montana State University. He finished his first year there and decided that he needed to leave Montana in order to really develop into his own person.

He decided to go to Oregon State University where he completed his education. This university was close enough to Montana while still being its own separate world. When Wes Edens graduated he moved to California for a bit and then moved on to New York City. He thought he would be in New York temporarily but is still living there after thirty plus years. He has been in the financial industry throughout his career and is a professional private equity investor. He has helped to develop many companies over the years in multiple industries such as transportation and health care.

When he first arrived in Milwaukee, interested in buying the Bucks, he didn’t know a whole lot about the city. According to Wes didn’t know how close it was to the lake, for example. He saw a whole side of the city that he didn’t know existed and thinks that and thinks the city should advertise what they really are about. He also thinks the chamber of commerce should do a bit of work because people don’t know what a great community it is. Wes Edens says that winter in Milwaukee is pretty cold but the summers make up for it. He really enjoys the summer music festival which might be the biggest one in America. It’s out by the lake which he really likes which is why he had the Bucks new stadium built by the lake as well.
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Michael Nierenberg and His Leadership at New Residential Investment Corporation

Michael Nierenberg is interested in seeing how to navigate this new dynamic that is present within the real estate markets. The real estate markets will continue to serve as some form of store of value, individuals believe it will continue to rise and appreciate over time. Real estate properties also have the advantage of providing owners with individuals who will seek to rent out the properties, as such, providing the owners of such property with continuous cashflows so as long as the tenant resides therein and pays their bills on a regular basis. Now, these are fundamental properties of real estate and why individuals see value in purchasing properties.

Michael Nierenberg wants to dig in with the New Residential Investment Corporation and find out how different structures in financing and the varied changes in the real estate landscape can provide valuable investment opportunities for him and his company. Michael Nierenberg wants to continue to bring new life into the New Residential Investment Corporation by looking at Real-Estate-Investment Trusts and how they may play role in a larger portfolio as well. Michael Nierenberg says in recent profiles of how there are several types of real estate investment trusts, but the most popular ones are equity real-estate-investment trusts and mortgage real estate investment trusts.

More individuals are aware of the former than of the latter. A strong appeal to investors of REITS is the fact that they bring in dividends and can be a good investment over the long term if it isn’t overvalued. Individuals can gain income through dividends and will be able to realize an increase in their investment if there is an overall price increase as the company progresses and gains value over time. The New Residential Investment Corporation has a strong focus on bringing in more value, figuring out and implementing strategies to provide investors with capital appreciation and positive results for years to come.

Michael Nierenberg Utilizes his Experience and Expertise to Make Change

This firm is a subsidiary company of the Fortress Investment Group. Other executives at New Residential Investment Corp include Douglas Lee Jacobs, Kevin J. Finnerty, David Saltzman, Andrew Sloves, Gary Stephen Gladstein, and Mandy Cheuk.

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Infinity Group Australia Wins Big With AFR Award.

Graeme Holm co-founded Infinity Group Australia alongside his partner, Rebecca Walker, back in 2013. Their goal from the beginning was simple: provide the kind of debt reduction relief that so many Australian citizens desperately needed. Infinity Group Australia was created with purpose and that purpose has helped the company to grow by leaps and bounds over the past five or so years. Now, it looks like Infinity Group Australia is making their biggest step forward yet with their addition to the Australian Financial Review’s list of 100 Most Innovative Companies. Infinity Group Australia ended up placing at 58th on the list, out of the thousands of different companies that were considered for inclusion, and Holm and Walker were in tow to accept their reward.


When the Australian Financial Review seeks out potential companies to include on their list of Most Innovative Companies in Australia and New Zealand, they follow a stringent set of rules that were designed in order to pare down on every company except for the finest of the bunch. Specifically, Infinity Group Australia focuses on companies that are able to bring solutions to specific problems that their clients are actually in desperate need of. For Infinity Group Australia, the need that they are filling is simple: they are becoming the integral financial coaches that Australians need in order to turn their money around and get back on the upswing of life.


Additionally, the AFR looks at how companies on their list will impact the communities around them as well as the culture of the company itself. Needless to say, Holm wasn’t surprised in the least when his company was selected for inclusion on the highly touted list because he knew that he had put five years of hard work into making Infinity Group Australia the best financial company in the industry.


Graeme Holm decided to establish Infinity Group Australia for a very simple reason: he had spent 17 years working in the banking industry and at the end of the day, he couldn’t say that he was helping people in the ways that he had hoped. The truth was that Holm felt shackled by banking culture and as a result, many of the paycheck-to-paycheck customers he would see would end up leaving without the solutions that they desperately needed. So, Holm decided to work alongside Rebecca Walker on establishing Infinity Group Australia and since then their work has only gotten more and more attention and more and more important. Learn more: https://www.mpamagazine.com.au/people/profiles/getting-financially-fit-at-infinity-group-australia-244676.aspx