Isabel dos Santos, An Influential Lady in Africa

When we talk about the richest and most impactful people in Africa, a majority of people often jump directly into naming prominent men leaving out the famous women. However, we have to talk about one of the most prominent women in Africa, Isabel dos Santos. She is not only Africa’s richest woman but also the firstborn of Angola’s former president who ruled Angola from 1979 to 2017. According to research conducted by Forbes in 2013, her total net worth was approximated to be two billion dollars, and this made her the first billionaire woman in Africa. Apart from her popularity as a wealthy businessperson, she is also an influential woman not only in Africa but also in the world.

Isabel dos Santos has used her influential status to motivate African women to go beyond the limitations that bare them from being great and start reaching for their dreams. She also helps push for development agendas in the African Continent. One of the most recent development agendas she discussed was the importance of digitization in Africa. She presented her views on why technological development is essential in Africa and how it can be applied to the expansion of the economy as well as the growth of sectors like Agriculture and Banking.

She presented her views at the European Parliament during the discussion of developing technology in Africa. According to Isabel dos Santos, the greatest challenge in Africa is that there is no clear procedure as to how it will go into digitization. The emergence of technology is necessary as it will make it possible to grow the economy as well as improve various sectors. However, there is a need to educate people on how to use technology for them to use the technology to advance their life. Having interacted with technology, Isabel dos Santos understands how important technology advancement is in Africa.

Isabel dos Santos also mentioned that after the revolution in the mobile phone sector, the next revolution is technology. Technology revolution will enable transactions and sales to be conducted through e-commerce platforms rather than use traditional stores. Technology revolution will also enable a majority of Africans to access banking services easily.

A Look Into the Life of Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein recently gave an interview with Ideamensch and gave some interesting and valuable incites into his success and the type of person that he is.


The amazing Adam Milstein told the readers about his experience in college and getting into the job market. When he was in college, recruiters would come to him and his classmates trying to recruit aspiring students for jobs that he felt, undervalued his skills and life experience. He decided to not buy into the trap of working an under-payed job and went out on a limb to do his own thing. After working as a commercial real estate broker for three years, he started investing in real estate. This is where he found his success.


The interview showed how kind of a person he is. He expressed that it is not the money making that makes his job satisfying, but his philanthropy work. He cares greatly about bettering the world so that he can leave it better than he found it.


Adam Milstein is not only a real estate investor but also a philanthropist and community organizer with a ton of life experience and knowledge that he can share with people.


This businessman’s life started in Israel. He was dedicated to his country and served with the IDF during the Yom Kippur war. After he had finished serving his country he came to the United States to start his life and business. He studied in southern California to earn his degree in Commercial Real Estate, then got to work. Since then he has worked to improve his business, care for his family, and put tremendous amounts of work in philanthropy.

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