Greg Secker the trading expert

On February 18, 1975, Greg Secker was born in Norfolk, England. He grew up into a renowned entrepreneur, speaker and an expert trader among others. Greg is also a philanthropist and a great father. Greg became a multi-millionaire in his twenties after creating one of the leading trading companies in Europe. The Company is known as the Knowledge to Action Group which is a combination of many companies, The Greg Secker Foundation, Smart Chart Software, Capital Index and Learn to Trade. Knowledge to Action Group was founded in 2003. These companies work together to train people on trading skills to improve their livelihoods. Greg holds a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural and Food Sciences from the University of Nottingham.

Greg started out his career by developing a trading system for foreign exchange at Thomas Cook Financial Services. Greg Secker created a virtual desk for trading that was unique and offered an exceptional real-time forex exchange platform. It enabled a faster turn-around time for transactions to be obtained by foreign exchange traders. He later got a position at Mellon Financial Corporation as Vice President. His trading skills grew during this time and it is when he founded the Learn to Trade Company, to bridge the gap for trading knowledge that lacked in the market. Learn to Trade is a leading company in the trading business worldwide. It has expanded drastically over the years and is now in London, Australia, and South Africa. The Company has trained over two hundred thousand people through seminars on how to trade. Greg Secker earns a living from trading in the forex market.

Greg used his struggles as learning points. Through this mistake and correction process, he has been able to make useful lessons to share with others regarding forex trading. These lessons turned in to a bigger business, Learn to Trade. Greg Secker has a great support system that includes his business partners, family, and friends. He also uses other people’s stories to learn which he considers a great aspect in his success. Greg is a strong believer in achieving goals, as long as one sets their mind to it.