Normal Pattiz Announces PodcastOne’s Brand Life Research Results

PodcastOne’s chief executive officer, Norman Pattiz recently released the final results of the firm’s progressive, inclusive studies that were conducted on five major consumer brands across diverse service and products classes. Mr. Pattiz released the results alongside Edison Research Strategy’s Vice President, Tom Webster. The study was conducted during the second half of 2016 and concluded that podcasting has a positive influence on brands.


Key Findings


According to the study, over 60 percent of podcast listeners tend to refer to a particular grocery brand after an ad runs. This is a significant increase from a paltry seven percent of listeners in the pre-study. Also, autonomous product responsiveness significantly improved. Edison Research conducted three types of research on behalf of PodcastOne in 2016.


Some of the brands that took part in the study are well-known but were launching new marketing campaigns. The rest of the brands that took part are lesser-known but were seeking to improve their awareness. According to Mr. Webster, the study points out that podcast listeners are more interested in brand messages. This is attested to by the fact that there is a general willingness to consider or purchase such brands.


On his part, Mr. Pattiz asserted that the podcast setup paves the way for superior brand awareness, which gives it an advantage over traditional product advertising techniques. The results explain why PodcastOne has been dedicated to the use of an integrated approach as far as measurement and advertising are concerned.


Norman Pattiz’s Résumé


Norman is a renowned entrepreneur with vast interests across the media industry in America. He is the founder and CEO of Westwood One, a leading provider of digital content, sports, entertainment, and weather programming news in the U.S. This media conglomerate brings together several subsidiaries including Courtside Entertainment Group and PodcastOne which is a nationally renowned advertiser-supported podcast channel. Learn more:


Under Norman’s leadership, PodcastOne has experienced remarkable growth. It currently highlights more than 300 hours of creative programs on a weekly basis. On its part, Westwood One provides news to leading outlets such as CBS News, Mutual Broadcasting System, NCCA Basketball, CNN Radio, and the Super Bowl.


Apart from his success in the corporate world, Norman has benefitted from lucrative public appointments. He served as a board member of the Broadcasting Board of Governors during the Bill Clinton and George Bush administrations. He is also a regent at the University of California Los Angeles besides serving as the chairman of the Los Alamos National Security Laboratories. He has also been admitted to the National Radio Hall of Fame.


PodcastOne Launches a New Network Program

The supernatural world largely remains unexplored by the mainstream media. It is in this regard that PodcastOne recently launched its latest podcast, Beyond the Darkness. The podcast was launched by the company’s founder and chairman, Norman Pattiz. PodcastOne is the biggest advertiser- supported podcast network in the US. The recently-inaugurated show will be aired through a podcast owned by wrestling star, Chris Jericho. It will feature entertaining and enlightening conversations with notable researchers and experiencers.


Beyond the Darkness seeks to challenge everything that viewers know about demons, aliens, ghosts, ghouls, miracles, mysteries, and monster encounters. It will be hosted by world-renowned radio host and author, Dave Schrader alongside radio host and producer, Tim Dennis. The shows new episodes will be aired on, iTunes, and on the PodcastOne mobile app.


Why Jericho’s Network was Chosen


The WWE star’s podcast was chosen due to its burgeoning reputation in the podcast industry. When Jericho launched the podcast, it was expected to evolve beyond the wrestling world. It has definitely lived up to expectations if the latest developments are anything to go by. The podcast has been used to launch the careers of numerous comedians among other artists. Therefore, airing Beyond the Darkness through it will give the show a competitive edge. It will similarly help it gain massive viewership within the first few weeks of premièring.


On his part, Jericho expressed the addition of the show to his network. He also pointed out that the popularity of Schrader and Dennis will attract more viewers to his network. He described the duo as a phenomenon in the paranormal broadcasting market and therefore, will attract a massive fan base that will guarantee the success of the show. Fans throughout the US are eagerly waiting for the show, which promises to be an instant success.


About Norman Pattiz


Norman is synonymous with the success of Westwood One, which is the biggest provider of entertainment, traffic programming, and sports news to broadcasters. The company serves notable media outlets and sports franchises including NBC radio networks, CBS News, Mutual Broadcasting System, CNN Radio, NCCA Basketball, the Super Bowl, and the Olympics.

Mr. Pattiz is also credited with the creation of Courtside Entertainment Group. His status in the corporate world grew after he was appointed by Presidents Clinton and Bush to the Broadcasting Board of Governors. He was tasked with the responsibility of launching Arabic television and radio services in the Middle East. Norman is an inductee of the National Radio Hall of Fame.

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