U.S Money Reserve Dedication And Commitment To Excellency

The largest private distributor of US and foreign government issued high-quality precious metal legal tender products, has been recognized for excellent and creative work. U.S Money Reserve received four awards at the Annual Videographer Awards.

The awards are administered by Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP). The members and the judges of AMCP seek individuals and companies whose work serves as a measure for the industry and whose talent goes beyond the high standards of excellence.

The international organization comprises of thousands of public relation, freelance, communication, marketing, advertisement and media production professionals who have enrolled in the AMCP programs. The awards have three distinct levels namely Honorable Mention, Award of Distinction and Award of Excellence which are awarded in 20 categories.

The U.S Money Reserve was awarded two awards for Excellence in Creativity TV/ Cinematography and TV Commercial Products categories. The Excellence Award is the top award for projects that have been edited, shot, produced and written in a phenomenal way.

The spot entitled, Pearl Harbor Show, won the Award of Distinction and Honorable Mention. According to Ispot.tv, The international recognition depicts unique talent of the marketing, media and production teams of Money Reserve. The team brings the heart of the business to life through the participation of loyal customers.

Money Reserve has exceptional customer services and trained professional team with expert knowledge in the precious metal market. It offers products that have a high potential of yielding profit for the customers.

The products that US Money Reserve offers are gold and silver bullion coins, certified gold and silver coins and gold and silver bars. The bars and coins are available in different sizes ranging from 1oz to 1 kg. The most popular silver bullion coin is the 1oz Silver American Eagle, and the 100oz silver bar is the most common.

The gold bullion coins that are on demand are the 22 and 24-karat gold while as, the 10oz and 1oz Perth Mint gold bars and privately minted 1-kilo gold bars are most popular. There are several popular certified gold coins which include Burnished Gold American Eagles, Proof Gold American Eagles and Ultra High Relief Gold Eagle Coin.

Owning precious metal is a cost-efficient solution and has many benefits such as diversifying your wealth and protecting your money.

The company which was founded in 2001 and is based in Austin Texas has coins researchers and numismatic professionals who work hard to ensure a long-term relationship with the customers.