How Guilherme Paulus Has Boosted The Economy Of Latin America

Guilherme Paulus has been an entrepreneur in Sao Paulo, Brazil, since 1972. It was not long after graduating from college that he co-founded CVC Tours. This tourist company started in a very small retail space but it had the advantage that there was a lot of foot traffic on the sidewalk in front of it as there was a movie theater next door. From these small beginnings, he grew CVC Tours into the preeminent tourist company in South America.

Today Guilherme Paulus is the chairman of the board of CVC Tours. His company earns around $5.2 billion a year from people traveling in Latin America using the services his company provides. He has travel agencies in around 400 shopping malls plus 140 commercial galleries. CVC Tours is planning to open an additional 100 storefronts each year over the next few years.

Guilherme Paulus founded another company, GJP Hotels & Resorts and he is the chairman of the board for. The business expert started this company in 1995 when he opened his first hotel. He now has more than 20 hotels and resorts. These are three brands that each of the hotels and resorts fall into. There is a brand for the budget traveler, one meant to appeal to those who want some luxuries, and one brand that is fully committed to offering the most luxurious stay possible.

In 2006 he had bought an airline, Webjet. When he purchased this company it only operated a single airplane. By the time he sold this company in 2011, it was the third largest airline in Brazil with 20 airplanes flying to about 20 different destinations. He sold this company to Gol Linhas Aereas Inteligentes SA.

In 2017, Isto é Dinheiro magazine named Guilherme Paulus as the Entrepreneur of the Year. In the accompanying article, they talked about how he has helped hundreds of thousands of Brazilians by increasing economic activity through tourism and hiring thousands of workers. He has also helped other entrepreneurs establish their own companies in the tourism and hospitality industries. The article stated that he has invested around $600 million just into the hospitality industry in recent years.