Clayton Hutson Back on Kid Rock Crew

Clayton Hutson will get to work with Kid Rock Crew again, for the second time. He had previously worked with the team earlier in the year. Kid Rock is popular for his personality and outgoing nature. An article on The Reporter Expert by Rav Mandalia, mentions a few of the obstacles that arose during Kid Rock’s first tour. The article credited Clayton Hutson, who was the stage manager for putting significant effort towards the show’s success. When asked how he was able to overcome the hurdles that came by, Clayton said that his previous experience as both a Production Manager and Stage Manager guided him.




Besides finding solutions to all the obstacles faced during the tour, Clayton also maintained his confidence and that of the crew. In the end, his efforts were well placed as the tour was successful, with millions of fans across the US showing up to give their support to Kid Rock. One of the main reasons Clayton Hutson was asked to return is the role he played in The American Rock N’ Roll Tour’s success. Unlike last time, Clayton will serve as the Production Manager in Kid Rock’s tour. He hopes that there won’t be as many challenges as in the last tour.




Kid Rock is quickly becoming popular. His “Red Blooded Rock N’ Roll Redneck Extravaganza Tour” is currently sold out in various markets. The show is however expected to be an amazing one with lots of songs, pyrotechnics, and visual dazzle. Clayton is also excited about the show and the team he will work with. He mentions that in the touring industry it is vital to have good people by your side, unlike other professions where people don’t have to work closely together. He believes in his crew, and according to him, that will make the tour an enjoyable one.




Clayton was born in Nashville, Tennessee and has been a music fan since he was a child. He went to Central Michigan University where he graduated with a degree in theatre design. He also has a master’s degree in Business Administration from Stephen M. Ross School of Business. After graduating, Clayton held many positions in live entertainment firms. He was a sound engineer and a project manager. Regardless of working in corporate entertainment and traveling with Billy Graham’s team, he chose the music industry. To this day, he believes that he is of great value to live shows because of his experience in events and music.

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