Hard Work And Giving Back Drive Ryan Seacrest

Being a hard working person is something many of us believe we have achieved, but few of us can compare to the defining work ethic of “American Idol” host, Ryan Seacrest. At any one time, Seacrest can be found holding down upwards of ten jobs within the media including his daily jobs as co-host of “Live! With Kelly and Ryan” for ABC. Seacrest has become one of the best-known figures on the TV and radio waves but always remembers he needs to give something back to the communities he touches.

If you are looking to match the success of Ryan Seacrest you should begin by rising as early as possible, usually around five each morning. Not only does the brains behind the reality TV juggernaut, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” wake early her makes sure he starts each day with some form of exercise. The Atlanta, Georgia native recently made the move to New York to work with Kelly Ripa and indulges his love of exercise with spin classes and boxing lessons.

One may wonder why Ryan Seacrest is so determined to remain healthy? The media mogul is quick to explain his days as an unhealthy youth eating nachos each day after school and shopping in the husky section of department stores. Each day begins with healthy tea and exercise as Ryan Seacrest understands the need to remain healthy if one hopes to achieve their best in their career and everyday life.

Not only does Ryan Seacrest ensure his health is perfect, he hopes to protect his karma by building on his philanthropic work which includes being a patron of the arts in California. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation has become a popular way for patients in children’s hospitals around the U.S. to learn about the media. Radio and TV shows are produced in Seacrest Studios for patients to enjoy across a hospital campus alongside various scholarship programs for patients to enjoy.

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