How Nick Vertucci founded his Real Estate Academy (NVREA)

Nick is a man who has seen the good, the bad and the ugly in his financial and social life. It is Vertucci’s relentless persistence and his healthy dose of perspective that has made him the howling success he is today. Vertucci is the founder of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA), an acclaimed real estate school with thousands of students from different states. Even though Vertucci is among the most profitable real estate dealers and investors, he did not initially start his career in the industry.

For Nick, the real estate industry offered him a second chance that he utilized to get back on his feet after the dot com bubble swept away his computer business. Swimming in massive debt and feeling suffocated by his fast declining financial status, Nick Vertucci decided to walk away from his computer business and ventured in real estate, thanks to a friend of Vertucci who tagged him along to a real estate class. This was in 2004, and, since then, Nick Vertucci has been largely successful not only in securing his financial status but also making millions of dollars along the way.

He started small by investing in foreclosure homes, refurbishing them, and then renting the homes at a better price. Nick would then use his radio show, The Real Estate Investing Hour, to advertise the homes to the public. After one decade in the real estate business, Vertucci achieved financial freedom and decided to teach other people who are seeking investments in real estate. Subsequently, he founded NVREA, and, today, Nick is proud to have taught thousands of people how to achieve financial freedom by investing in real estate.

Besides training people, Nick Vertucci offers more insight into his popular best-selling book, Seven Figure Decisions: Having the balls to succeed. According to Nick Vertucci, financial freedom is on the other side of fear. Therefore, he advocates for people to keep pushing themselves to the limit and not to settle for less.