Jeremy Goldstein, the Philanthropic Lawyer, Transforms Fountain House

Mental illness has become one of the most alarming conditions affecting human beings in the current times. It has been declared as a world crisis due to the extensive effect that it has on communities and families globally. Many families have suffered stigma and other forms of discrimination from the individuals who are not affected by the same challenge of mental illness. This has challenged Jeremy Goldstein together with the Fountain House to come to the rescue of the target group and prove to the world that the individuals who have mental illness are as valuable as those who don’t and can still do something productive with their lives.


The first initiative that Jeremy Goldstein has taken in collaboration with the Fountain House is to arrange a program that ensures that the group of the minority who are affected by the mental illness condition receive a proper education. They undergo learning and training to ensure that they are well equipped to survive productively and independently. This helps them to raise their self-esteem and also enables them to compete with other normal individuals in the society. This initiative has proved to be a success because the rate at which individuals living with mental illness are completing their education has rapidly increased.


In the United States, the rate of completing education by individuals recovering from mental illness is as low as 12%. However, with the noble initiative of Fountain House and Jeremy Goldstein to aid in the learning of the victims, a tremendous improvement has been recorded. More than 77% of the individuals recovering from mental illness at the Fountain House complete their education and live a productive life. This is an astonishing number compared to that at the national level.


Helping these individuals never stops at the provision of adequate education; fountain House moves a mile further to ensure that the recovered people have been absorbed in the organizations in the corporate industry where they become gainfully employed. The assistance of this kind helps them to secure jobs while competing with other individuals who have never been affected by the illness since they have a competitive advantage compared to the recovering patients.


Being a member of the Board of Directors at the Fountain House is not the main coursework for Jeremy Goldstein. He is a qualified lawyer by profession, owning a huge law firm at the center of New York. Goldstein has been practicing law for more than two decades where he has been assisting high profile corporate leaders in matters concerning corporate governance and employee compensation issues.


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