Lime Crime & Doe Deere Equals Success For Spring Trends

Trends come and go with the seasons. If you’re a trendy kind of person, then you obviously have some form of influence on other people. The things that a trendy person does is often mimicked by others. When it comes to fashion trends, the same rules apply. Do you know any trendy people that live in your town? Are you aware of any trendy celebrities? The simple truth is that we all have borrowed some tips and techniques from other people. As the old saying goes, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” If you want to become more trendy for the remaining days of Spring, then try to incorporate these tips.

Glitter is a basic product, but it will brighten the dullest canvas. This particle-based substance is easy to use, it looks phenomenal, and it comes in just about any color. When using this product, make sure you don’t apply too much. One of the worst looks can come from using too much glitter. The best way to use this product is by dusting. This means you should sprinkle a little bit here and sprinkle a little bit there. A light dusting of glitter on the shoulders, under the eyes or around the neck looks amazing. Too much glitter is overkill and if you’ve used too much, then you’ll be finding pellets of glitter on your body for the next decade. Lime Crime’s Diamond Crusher is a great product to try, and the product comes in a dazzling blue and pink color.

Neon colors are great for spring because they mirror the essence of the season. Vividly bright colors tend to show character, and it displays courage to some degree. Most people can’t pull-off neon colors because they don’t really know how to correctly wear it. Being subtle is the best advice unless you want to look like a flashing traffic light. Lime Crime has numerous products that posses bold colors, including highlighters, lipstick and hair dye. By incorporating these two products into the mix, you could definitely attract an audience.