OSI Food Solutions Doubles Production Of Chicken Products

OSI Food Solutions is the leading company in the food production business in the world. The company is ranked the best with production activities in 17 countries. The production capacity of this company is huge seeing that they have 65 processing plants in different locations around the globe.

This company is looking at possibilities of taking their business to all corners of the world. So far, the pace of growth has been good as the companies have continuously gained new customers from different parts of the world. The Forbes ranks OSI as one of the biggest private companies in the country with a net worth of $6 billion.

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OSI Food Solutions is developing a territory in different locations. One of the measures they have taken to ensure that food products are available to their customers in sufficient amounts is to expand their food production plant in Spain. The plant has been expanded by adding a high capacity production line. The goal of the expansion is to multiply the production of chicken products. After the expansion, this plant will now be producing $24,000 tons of chicken products. Previously they were only producing 12,000 tons. With the new production capacity, this company will now be producing over 45,000 tons of food products from the Toledo plant. Other products produced in this plant include pork and beef.

OSI Food Solutions has added 22,600 square feet of space in the plant. The added space will allow more production activities to be carried out. With the development of this production plant, OSI Food Solutions will be targeting the high number of people who are enjoying chicken products. From consumer data, the number of people who are taking up consumption of chicken products has been going up. In fact, the reason for the expansion of the plant was to meet the demand for food products that was coming from the customers. As demand increases, supply should increase, and this is the main reason this company has built this facility. With every move that has happened in the industry, this company continues to prove that it can meet new challenges.

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