An App That Brings Parent-Teacher Meetings To You

When you ask any parent if they’d appreciate more engagement with their child’s education, the answer would emphatically be yes. Engaging directly with your child’s teachers at any age, specifically a young age, is something that could be vital to your child’s development. An app has been able to do bring this communication to your fingertips. ClassDojo is a revolutionary communication platform connecting teachers, parents and students together on the same page. ClassDojo utilizes their app to create a positive culture with classrooms and schools.

Communicating through the school year and even the school day, gives parents are actively in touch with what their kids are experiencing. Parent teacher meetings are nearly obsolete. Everyone can be involved by using ClassDojo. Teachers can use the app to create schedules of activities to share with parents. They can add photos or videos to parents showing their latest activity or work. The app has been such a success that it is being used in 85,000 schools in the United States. ClassDojo is being used in private, charter and public schools across the nation. Your child’s privacy is paramount in ClassDojo’s principles. The founders have said that they will never make revenue off of user’s data. This ensures your information is shared securely. With social networking becoming more prevalent in our child’s life, ClassDojo redirects focus to education, while still having a social aspect. The app is in 2 out of every 3 schools and creates a community with everyone in education. The child can enjoy the fun aspects of the app by sharing work they’d might have lost or not shown you immediately. An update while at work to see your son or daughter’s work could boost your day as well. The app has been molded by teachers to provide a thorough product that engages discussion with your child’s school. ClassDojo is free to all teachers. ClassDojo helps teachers, parents, and students safely share wonderful classroom moments. Teachers and parents are busy enough, but this app saves time while your child can enjoy using the app. It’s a fun app where the child can build a customized avatar, share photos with their parents and create an engaging culture to build individual skills, like teamwork and persistence. Find out more and see the success stories on the ClassDojo website today!