Kevin Seawright Works to Help Homeowners

Home ownership is a goal that almost every American has. Owning your own home however can be challenging and many never see this dream become a reality. In Baltimore, Kevin Seawright is working to help residents overcome this challenge. Seawright is responsible for founding the group RPS Solutions in 2015. The groups mission has been to build up the community of Baltimore, MD. by helping more people to achieve the goal of home ownership.

Seawright’s group RPS Solutions helps potential homeowners in a number of ways. First and for most they put potential homeowners in contact with lenders that are willing to go the extra mile to get people in homes. Furthermore they work to offer renovations to homes that are in need in the community. The company’s ultimate goal is for Baltimore to have a home-ownership rate above 50%. Seawright appears to be pleased with the work the group has done so far. “With each new home in Baltimore and surrounding counties we get one step closer to achieving our goal to raise the city’s current home-ownership rate,” Seawright recently said. The goal to build up the Baltimore housing market will take time, but efforts like these will help to make that vision become a reality.

Kevin Seawright is no stranger to success in the business world. A well known financial leader, Seawright has been using his expertise to help communities for more than a decade. He is well established in the Baltimore community as he has worked as the Managing Fiscal Officer of Baltimore’s commission on aging and retirement. His work their saved the agency well over $100,000. Seawright has held a variety of positions in a variety of fields over the years including work in local government, education, and real estate development in Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC. His work continues to have a major impact on communities across the eastern United States.  Read more about Kevin on XRepublic.

The Brad Reifler Effect

The corporate business world has traditionally furthered the interests of the wealthy households and dynasties. Upper-class citizens were always possessed large amounts of disposable income hence their trend of making massive investments.

At the same time, hedge funds, property and wealth managers target the rich and the affluent since their millions enlarge the company’s portfolio. This system, therefore, promotes the status quo in which the wealthy members of the society maintain their financial standards. One man has set out to even out the landscape by empowering the middle and lower social strata of society.

Brad Reifler possesses three decades of experience in hedge fund administration. This experience makes him target for many individuals and corporate entities needing financial advisory. Rightly do, Brad Reifler has thrived in his role as an investment advisor and partner in New York. Mind you; New York is traditionally the home of financial hedge funds and making a career here one must be doing it right.

XRepublic points out that Brad’s success anchors on his innovative nature as well as the aggression in establishing new ventures. It all started in a squeezed hostel room in College early in the 1980’s decade. The trade of futures and derivatives was still a new thing, and Brad loved the research part. He founded the Reifler Trading Company for this purpose. In a decade and a half of operation, Reifler Trading had become a familiar brand name, even attracting a few suitors.

Refco Inc. acquired Brad’s firm in 1995. Brad has, even more, financial industry experience at this time as per CrunchBase. He played a huge role in the founding and establishment of Pali Capital. He also took charge as its Chairperson and CEO over the next decade. This period saw the firm expand and start making a significant profit margin. Brad however always had an eye for the futuristic investments. shows he then left Pali and established Forefront Capital, a modern investment partner with a focus on social welfare.

Forefront Capital exemplifies Brad’s best qualities. It has proved it could take on the larger firms even in its youth. Brad realized the need to tap into the majority of the population stratified in the middle and lower economic classes. As the CEO of Forefront Capital, he takes the initiative to teach middle-income household on the need to invest their savings. He has even gone further to introduce viable avenues for such investments. The Forefront Income Trust has since come to being for the purpose of empowering the middle and lower class household otherwise known as non-accredited investors.  Read even more about Brad on Wikipedia.

Fisher and Status Labs Reputation Problem

Online reputation company, Status Labs, began operations in 2012. Since that time they have helped more than 1,000 businesses and individuals improve their reputation. But the company has not been without its own reputation hurdle. Company head, Darius Fisher, relates how a little over a year ago Status Labs experienced its own reputation crisis. Since its foundation, Status Labs has had its critics. This time their criticisms where very legitimate. One of the persons in an executive was giving the Status Labs a bad name. So Status Labs did what it does best, repaired a reputation—this time its own.


The professionals met the challenge head on. They first called for the resignation of the executive who had caused the reputation problem. Then they took the news to the media with a letter from the Status Labs management team. This debacle did have a positive effect: It caused Status Labs to recognize that they had been losing touch with the community. And few people are more capable to lead the company to success than Darius Fisher. In 2015, he was listed among those on the annual Innovation 50 list. Fisher was honored to be recognized by one of the country’s top and most well-respected magazines.


Fisher is widely respected for his contributions to the online reputation industry. He founded and has led Status Labs from infancy to become the very best at crisis management and the cleaning and honing of Google search results. They have to date helped 1,500 clients in 35 countries. Their biggest and most public success was dealing with the now internationally famous Ashley Madison hack problem. And now, after having successfully dealt with its own reputation problem, Fisher feels Status Labs is now better equipped to aid clients. Fisher is extremely confident in the future of Status Labs and is very proud of its roster of top notch professionals.

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Handling Donald Trump Heads The Thoughts Of Charles Koch

The so called establishment of the Republican Party in the U.S. has been forced to take a look at how to handle the issues the party now faces with Donald Trump set to receive the nomination for President. One of the major problems facing the establishment has been highlighted by the decision of leading donor Charles Koch to discuss the possibilities presented to him in choosing which candidate to support for the Presidency. A discussion with a Wall Street Journal journalist saw Charles Koch reveal he could be forced to throw his support behind Hilary Clinton in the wake of some of the rhetoric and policy options presented by Trump.

Koch has gained a reputation during recent decades as the head of a network of donors who have been pushing conservative policies across the U.S. Koch has been a major donor to a number of educational institutions that follow his conservative values and match his ambitions for the future of the U.S. Across recent decades Charles Koch has looked to achieve more than just back conservative ideals; an example of his support can be seen with the major donations made towards the basketball program at Wichita State University.

There is more to the life and career of Charles Koch than just his political giving, although this is what he has become best known for in recent years. Koch has also set out to reveal more about his personal life in the last few years as he has explained the influence his father has had on his life and still does; a letter remains hanging in the office of Charles Koch from his father that details his hopes for his children in the future.

The anger that appears to have been directed at the donor classes Charles Koch is often associated with fails to take into account their history in conservative values. Koch and his brother David have always taken an interest in politics, but this interest became a positive force for good in the 1980s with the rise of President Ronald Reagan. An alliance between Donald Trump and Charles Koch would make the pathway to the Presidency far easier to follow for Trump, but assisting the real estate mogul in understanding the values of conservatism could be harder for Charles Koch to achieve as the 2016 elections draw closer.

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Information Technology Staffing Firm Diversant Led By John Goullet

When looking to work with a staffing company for information technology workers, companies will want to consider Diversant. With Diversant, companies will be working with a leader in information technology staffing. This company has been around for a number of years and has been able to successfully meet the needs of both companies and technology professionals. What makes Diversant a leading company in information technology staffing is its desire to consider professionals of all backgrounds and experience levels as well as companies that are in a variety of industries. This has enabled the firm to work with a number of different companies and get them the ideal technology professional for their organization.

Diversant looks to maintain its reputation as a leading technology staffing firm by following its philosophy along with its core values. The technology staffing company Diversant always looks to satisfy its customers, consultants and partners by providing the best possible service. By working with a wide range of technology professionals along with different companies, Diversant is able to meet their needs. With a focus on diversity, this firm is able to ensure that technology professionals and companies get the most out of the job seeking and recruiting process. Diversant also looks to take advantage of the expertise and experience of its staff in order to help link professionals and companies together that results in a satisfactory professional arrangement.

Like a number of organizations, Diversant has leadership that helps it remain as a top staffing company. The individual who provides the leadership and direction of Diversant is John Goullet. He has had a very long and successful career in the computer technology industry. Over the course of many years he has held a number of positions which included consulting for a variety of computer and technology companies. By the mid 1990’s, Goullet decided to start up his own firm specializing in matching technology workers with companies that are looking for them. With his experience and expertise, Goullet is able to help Diversant keep progressing in terms of being a market leader in linking technology professionals and companies find each other.

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Handy Is Changing How People Look at Spring Cleaning

Spring is usually a time of celebration and expectation. Warming sun and clear skies always make people eager to rush out and enjoy it. But there’s one thing that always stands in the way of spring festivities. Everyone knows that spring cleaning is something that needs to be done every year. Cold weather almost always means putting off chores.

Nobody wants to host yard sales in the middle of a snowstorm. And it’s easy to put off cleaning gutters when the roof is covered in ice. But the warm weather has a way of making household chores ever more apparent. And the burden of them is enough to make fun in the sun quite a bit less entertaining. It’s hard to have fun when one knows he or she should be taking care of chores at home. It’s been that way for generations. And there’s never seemed to be even a glimmer of hope that things could change. Spring cleaning just seemed to be something that’s inherently linked with areas which have real seasons. But some people think they may well have found a way to take the sting out of spring cleaning.

A company called Handy is rapidly becoming a jack of all trades for household chores. And this expansive service seems to be the perfect match for spring cleaning. One of the things that’s kept spring cleaning from ever being fully delegated to a specific paid service is the sheer scope of it. Spring cleaning can involve cleaning, laundry, light carpentry, plumbing, and any number of other tasks. But Handy is able to offer up a match of talent to task among any of those issues. Handy itself is located in New York and has around 50 employees. This might not seem anywhere close to enough people to solve the issue of spring cleaning for an entire country. But the real power of Handy is in contracting out work.

Handy can almost be seen as a large, paid, chore list. People can browse offers that people make to have them handle general tasks around the house. If someone feels up to the task and thinks the price is right, they can take on the posted chore through the Handy service. Handy manages the payment and scheduling in order to keep everything properly recorded and accounted for. And other than that it’s just a process of some people posting chores they want done and other people deciding to take on that challenge. There’s thousands of contractors constantly browsing the estimated 10,000 jobs that are posted every month. And with that wide an audience it’s usually trivial to match someone up to every single chore involved with spring cleaning.

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An App That Brings Parent-Teacher Meetings To You

When you ask any parent if they’d appreciate more engagement with their child’s education, the answer would emphatically be yes. Engaging directly with your child’s teachers at any age, specifically a young age, is something that could be vital to your child’s development. An app has been able to do bring this communication to your fingertips. ClassDojo is a revolutionary communication platform connecting teachers, parents and students together on the same page. ClassDojo utilizes their app to create a positive culture with classrooms and schools.

Communicating through the school year and even the school day, gives parents are actively in touch with what their kids are experiencing. Parent teacher meetings are nearly obsolete. Everyone can be involved by using ClassDojo. Teachers can use the app to create schedules of activities to share with parents. They can add photos or videos to parents showing their latest activity or work. The app has been such a success that it is being used in 85,000 schools in the United States. ClassDojo is being used in private, charter and public schools across the nation. Your child’s privacy is paramount in ClassDojo’s principles. The founders have said that they will never make revenue off of user’s data. This ensures your information is shared securely. With social networking becoming more prevalent in our child’s life, ClassDojo redirects focus to education, while still having a social aspect. The app is in 2 out of every 3 schools and creates a community with everyone in education. The child can enjoy the fun aspects of the app by sharing work they’d might have lost or not shown you immediately. An update while at work to see your son or daughter’s work could boost your day as well. The app has been molded by teachers to provide a thorough product that engages discussion with your child’s school. ClassDojo is free to all teachers. ClassDojo helps teachers, parents, and students safely share wonderful classroom moments. Teachers and parents are busy enough, but this app saves time while your child can enjoy using the app. It’s a fun app where the child can build a customized avatar, share photos with their parents and create an engaging culture to build individual skills, like teamwork and persistence. Find out more and see the success stories on the ClassDojo website today!