Did Bradesco Mold Luiz Carlos Trabuco Or Did He Mold Bradesco?

It is always encouraging to hear of those who, through hard work and pure drive, have been able to rise in the modern corporate world from the bottom of a company to the heights of its executive suite. It is precisely because such stories are so rare in the modern business world that they can grasp imaginations. These tales are almost a lottery narrative for the intelligent. With just the right set of circumstances and proper character traits, you too can be a big winner.

And like the narratives that lottery players tell themselves in order to justify the hundreds of dollars they spend on losing bets, many of us who want to view the corporate world as fair or at least meritocratic spin stories to maintain our belief that hard work, talent and a passion for our jobs might be all it really takes to enjoy the highest levels of success in business.

So we look for the diamond in the ruff – that one story out of 1,000 of someone who was really able to climb the corporate ladder all the way to the top through nothing but skillful use of their god-given faculties. But too often upon close inspection, even these rare stories of pure meritocratic success turn out to be a bit more nuanced than our internal narratives might take into account.

One such example is the rise of Luiz Carlos Trabuco, CEO of Bradesco, one of the largest banks in Brazil. Starting out with the firm, as a bank teller, in 1969, Trabuco had only a high school diploma and no job experience at all. From the banking-world equivalent of the mail room, he was able to almost immediately begin climbing through the ranks. Proving himself to be both a diligent worker and talented administrator, he was consistently promoted up through the chain of command, eventually reaching the level of regional manager by the late 1970s. He was also able to put himself completely through college during this time, earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a master’s degree in social psychology.

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Trabuco was given his first executive role at the bank in 1984, when he was appointed the firm’s director of marketing department. There, he again proved himself an able leader, increasing sales and elevating the company’s public image to levels that it had never before enjoyed.

It wasn’t until 1992 that Trabuco first began having a profound influence on the way in which his bank did business. In that year, he was appointed president of the firm’s financial planning unit. By this time an expert on global finance, Trabuco quickly moved to throw out the old, egalitarian banking model that the bank had long clung to. He created a stratified system where the richest customers got the bulk of the bank’s attention, with separate luxury facilities, personal banking and lavish rewards. While this strategy assigned class levels to customers within the bank for the first time, it also proved enormously successful. Bradesco quickly attracted some of the wealthiest clients in Brazil.

As he continually moved towards the position of CEO, driving sales through the roof in each unit he commanded, Trabuco started increasingly adopting globalist, class-conscious policies. He began the practice of recruiting upper management from only outside the firm, ironically making it almost impossible for anyone to repeat the career path that had marked his own personal rise through the ranks. He also began emphasizing formal educational credentials, likewise making it difficult for those without college degrees to get jobs, even as tellers.

Trabuco has been enormously successful in his career with Bradesco. It is, then, somewhat ironic that, as a result of his influence, if he were 18 again and looking for a job, he almost certainly would not even have been hired in the first place, much less able to rise to CEO.

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Imran Haque is Important to North Carolina – Here’s Why

Imran Haque is a medical doctor practicing in the rural North Carolinian cities of Ramser and Asheboro, where he operates his two practice locations of Horizon Internal Medicine. Dr. Imran Haque founded Horizon Internal Medicine just months after he became licensed to practice in the state of North Carolina in 2001, finding enough money to open them from his work ethic and success as a practitioner of internal medicine. Dr. Imran Haque has had a lengthy, successful career despite being relatively young, rooted in his excellence in academic studies.

Although currently taking home in the Tar Heel state, Dr. Imran Haque – at this point, Mr. Imran Haque – started his career in the Caribbean islands, at the Universidad Iberoamericana, the most popular medical school in its area, as there are four schools in total for medicine in those islands. In 1998, Mr. Imran Haque earned a medical doctorate with honors. Almost ready to practice, Imran had to find a spot in a residency program. After much deliberation about where he wanted to attend, Dr. Imran Haque found an open spot at the University of Virginia’s program of internal medicine, working in hospitals in Roanoke and Salem until he finished in 2001. Just after the turn of the millennium, Imran Haque was ready to conquer the field of medicine.

Working in several rural areas throughout Virginia, Mr. Imran Haque knew that he wanted to work in the underserved rural areas of the southeastern United States, to which he found home just directly south of Virginia in North Carolina. Today, he sees well over one thousand patients per year, although he’s always welcoming new patients at his Horizon Internal Medicine locations in Asheboro and Ramseur. This popular doctor offers preventative care, cosmetic treatments, diabetes management, and medical weight loss services as specialties.



Richard Mishaan Design an the Color Theory

If you’re a fan of interior design, you’re probably familiar with Richard Mishaan; his designs are delineated by colorful hues and exquisite furniture. Founded in 1991, Richard Mishaan Designs is one of the most celebrated design firms in New York and boasts a diverse portfolio of clients ranging from commercial to residential, and everything in between. Mishaan is a native of Cartagena, Columbia; he moved to New York in the late 1970’s and began his career as a fashion designer before delving into interior design, in 1992.

In a New York post article, Mishaan describes his design style as being heavily influenced by his Columbian heritage. He believes that his strong use of colors helps give a home real personality, which is evident by the color schemes used in his own New York home, and in his vacation home in Columbia. Richard Mishaan believes in keeping a consistent theme when decorating a home; for example, his home in Columbia is comprised of ebonized wood, red doors, and a consistent style of marble throughout the interior. Additionally, each room is similarly furnished

In 2009, Richard Mishaan published a book entitled “Modern Luxury,” which, in effect, sums up the thought process behind his designs; he states that design is a reflection of ideas and the effects that they have on each individual. Richard Mishaan Design is a Columbia University alumnus; he earned a B.A. in architecture in 1983, but he soon realized that design is what he found most fulfilling.

In addition to attractive color palettes, Mishaan believes that an interior can be even more inviting, by choosing pieces that not only complement a given space but also creates harmony within that space. With that being the case, Mishaan draws on his architectural, fashion, and cultural background to select furniture that best compliments his designs.

Mike Baur: Helping Young Swiss Tech Entrepreneurs To Succeed

Businessman and entrepreneurs Mike Baur is so committed to working towards a brighter future for the Swiss economy, he have up a lucrative banking career to assist Swiss tech startups. He has co-founded Switzerland’s leading privately-financed new business incubator, Swiss Startup Factory, and works with several other organizations dedicated to supporting new Swiss entrepreneurs.


Raised in Switzerland’s Freiburg region, Mike Baur started his banking career at age 16. He also earned MBAs from the University of Rochester and Bern University. Baur began working as an apprentice at Union Bank of Switzerland in 1991. By the time he left UBS in 2008, he was advising some of the richest Swiss investors. Mike Baur then began working at the Swiss bank Clariden Leu’s Zurich office. He spent 6 years with the company as a wealth manager. In 2014, he left the banking industry to focus on helping young tech entrepreneurs build their companies.


Working with fellow Bern University graduate Max Meister, Baur co-founded Swiss Startup Factory in 2014. The three-month incubator program provides mentoring, training, funding and a wide range of other valuable support services to Swiss entrepreneurs. That includes free office space in the heart of Zurich. The entrepreneurs are taught how to market their products and services internationally and are put in contact with a network of global funding sources and fellow tech entrepreneurs. This increases their chances for long-term success.


Mike Baur also served as a juror at START Summiteer, a pitching competition held by a Swiss university that lets seasoned financial experts evaluate and rate startups and connect them to sources of substantial investments. Baur also started Think Reloaded, a firm offering affluent clients sophisticated financial advice. He also works with CTI Invest and in 2016 began collaborating with BV4, a company which estimates ideas, inventions and intellectual property’s monetary value. Baur explained a major reason for Swiss Startup Factor’s success is the financial commitment of its leadership to the program. Baur focuses on fundraising and financing at SSF.


The work Mike Baur is doing with Swiss Startup Factory, Think Reloaded and as a BV4 board member has helped many young Swiss entrepreneurs refine and implement a number of pioneering technological ideas. He has helped promote technological progress and economic development in Switzerland. Baur has helped provide valuable resources for young entrepreneurs that had great ideas and desperately needed help developing them. Mike Baur is making a difference.


What Does Tony Petrello Have Cooking In The Financial Kitchen?

Nabors Industries, originally known by the name Anglo Energy when it was founded in 1968, is one of the world’s leading oil drilling and natural gas welling companies. It’s currently listed on the S&P 500 – also known as Standard & Poor’s 500 stock index – meaning that it’s one of the best-performing shares out on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) today. Its financial statements are fruitful for the most recent fiscal year, totaling in at a net income of over 1 billion dollars, earned off of revenues totaling slightly less than 2.25 billion dollars.

Believe it or not, Nabors Industries hasn’t always been the powerhouse it is today. Tony Petrello, longtime executive and current chief executive officer. Having taken on a wealth of responsibilities at the helm of Nabors since he joined the team in 1991, Mr. Petrello currently serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the President of the organization, undoubtedly facilitating its widespread success. For more info about us: http://people.equilar.com/bio/anthony-petrello-nbr/salary/503049#.WKHy57YrKRs click here.

Tony Petrello actually came from a humble home, in which his parents didn’t have enough money to send him to private school or purchase brand new clothes every school year. This beginning urged him to become successful. Ever since the time he first learned how to read books, he read academic textbooks for fun to boost his knowledge. According to many classmates and peers of his, Mr. Petrello was one of the smartest kids in his school, known as a bona fide math whiz.

The current Nabors Industries Ltd Chief Executive Officer even received an offer directly from Yale University to attend their college. That’s an accomplishment in itself, but get this – Mr. Tony Petrello was recruited just like an athlete, who haven’t put in applications to school but still garner interest from the highest of educational institutions. That’s Petrello’s college experience in a nutshell.

Having a strong affinity towards math, Tony decided that he would become a mathematician. As such, he majored in mathematics at Yale University for his undergraduate degree, then did the same for a master’s in one of the most rigorous, wrenching, difficult coursework plans in the entire Ivy League mathematics.

Funny enough, Tony didn’t want to be a mathematician by the time he graduated from Yale University for the second time – both with honors, by the way – and aimed towards a Juris Doctorate from the most prestigious school in the world, Harvard Law School. Three years later, he became an attorney at Baker & McKenzie in the Big Apple.

Richard Machaan Inctredible Designs

Richard Mishaan Design can well be described by these words: an expensive touch of class. Richard Mishaan Design is a firm based in New York and has won the interests of the residents with its high-class interior design and architecture. Richard Mishaan is famous with his lavish interior in a careful combination with vintage pieces. In his portfolio, curate antiques together with decorative objects with conspicuous bold colors and patterns can be found. Richard Mishaan design has featured in many publications including Elle décor, architectural design, and interior design magazines. Therefore Richard Mishaan design does not come as a surprise as the best firm for a beautiful house.

Designs from Richard Mishaan design are known for their untouched unique décor and sophisticated design that has set them apart regarding chic and modern designs. Richard Mishaan Design’s work can be displayed at the Shelburne hotel and the trump world towers. The sophisticated, elegant interior designs for hotels and home interiors can be associated with Richard Mishaan keen attention to detail and his over twenty-five years of work and experience.

Richard Mishaan recounts that it is from his child hood memories that he can credit his styles and inspirations. Richard Mishaan was born and nurtured in Cartagena in Columbia but was partly brought up in Italy and Bogota. Richard Mishaan settled in the New York City in the year 1978 and pursued his bachelor of arts in the New York University and at the Columbia University. He acquired his experience in interior design, fashion, and architecture from an apprenticeship at Philip Johnson’s office.

To come up with quality furnishing with a touch of dynamic and functional design is a tough thing. Richard Mishaan emphasized individual styles that enable him to come up with the whole myriad of authentic styles. Richard Mishaan well understands luxury and quality as a designer and his electric productions of vivid color designs and pattern giving it a classy and sophisticated look, has drawn many clients into his firm.

A Look at Martavis Bryant in the Fantasy Football Rankings

Is this the year for Martavis Bryant? There is no time like the present to review the player’s fantasy football rankings for the 2017 season.

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ player consensus is no. 25 in the fantasy football rankings with potential to make WR1 by year-end.

A boost in his fantasy football rankings relies heavily on quarter back Ben Roethlisberger to even out targets between him and Antonio Brown. This is predicted just little over half the chance to occur.

Brown unapologetically commanded the field with a 68 percent catch rate last year and is no.1 in the player consensus.

Other first round picks leading the field are; Julio Jones, Jordy Nelson, Mike Evans, Odel Beckham Jr., A.J Green, T.Y Hilton and Michael Thomas.

These players have all seen solid target increases in comparison to Bryant. Still he is a possible threat.

What are your thoughts on Martavis Bryant in the WR 2017 fantasy football rankings?

Have a Happy Pet with Beneful

If you’ve ever seen a Beneful commercial, you’ve witnessed how happy each pet is to be on a healthy diet. However, each package is infused with the benefits of wholesome all-natural ingredients. Enjoy real chicken and beef along with great vegetables. Why risk feeding your pet unhealthy by-products that are hard to digest. Choose green beans, wild rice, and carrots as vegetables packed in each container. Their commercials never fail to show you a pet-friendly commercial of a dog that really uses Beneful and is in the best health. Join the thousands of customers nationwide and have a healthy happy pet.

Find a selection of Beneful pet food products from select retailers like Walmart. Their products are also packed with organic ingredients that are also for used on your pets oral health. Their pets always run around in their commercials healthy and happy. Choose a brand that provides quality products at a reasonable price. Beneful comes in packaging that is safe for all dogs, any size or breed. Make your pet happy with a pet food product your pet will love while managing their weight. A healthy pet starts with a nutritious diet and Beneful is backed by a name meaning goodness. Your pet will enjoy the top pet food in the industry with 100% organic ingredients with Beneful. To know more click here.

Aloha Construction Co.: Your One Stop Shop for All Your House Remodeling Needs

Licensed Interior Remodeler

Aloha Construction Co. brags as being one of the few companies in Illinois that have been fully licensed by the mandated state regulator to carry out interior remodeling. The company puts into consideration the nature of the remodeling, the price of the expected procedure, as well as the time required to complete the remodeling process. Unlike other remodeling companies, Aloha Construction does not offer price quotes. Instead, the company organizes a free in-house assessment with the owner of the house to estimate the nature of the remodeling before giving out a way forward.

Kitchen Remodelling

Aloha Construction offers homeowners a complete kitchen upgrade that suits the preferences of the owner. With decades of unmatched experience in the industry, the company has successfully remodeled different types of kitchens. Specifically, the company deals in L-shaped kitchens, U-shaped kitchens, country farmhouse kitchens, RV kitchens and bungalow kitchens. Free home assessments are conducted prior to the onset of remodeling.

Water Mitigation Services

Aloha Construction Co. employs certified water restoration experts to fix any leak that might have occurred in your house. The company offers you a free assessment of the damage, and their response to your call is immediate. The diverse nature of the company has enabled it to work with residential and commercial homeowners. Most restoration companies usually restore leaking pipes but end up leaving behind residual effects. This is not the case with Aloha Construction. The company ensures that no residues are left behind and guarantees you a dry house in less than 48 hours.

About Aloha Construction Co.

Aloha Construction Company is a home remodeling company that specializes in Creative Remodelling, Professional Basement Finishing, Kitchen Remodelling, and Bathroom Remodelling just to name a few.

The company which is located in Lake Zurich Illinois employs fully-competent and highly-skilled technicians to take care of your remodeling needs. As a company that is fully insured, you are guaranteed the peace of mind that everything that is going to happen while the restoration process is ongoing will be fully covered.


Greg Secker the trading expert

On February 18, 1975, Greg Secker was born in Norfolk, England. He grew up into a renowned entrepreneur, speaker and an expert trader among others. Greg is also a philanthropist and a great father. Greg became a multi-millionaire in his twenties after creating one of the leading trading companies in Europe. The Company is known as the Knowledge to Action Group which is a combination of many companies, The Greg Secker Foundation, Smart Chart Software, Capital Index and Learn to Trade. Knowledge to Action Group was founded in 2003. These companies work together to train people on trading skills to improve their livelihoods. Greg holds a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural and Food Sciences from the University of Nottingham.

Greg started out his career by developing a trading system for foreign exchange at Thomas Cook Financial Services. Greg Secker created a virtual desk for trading that was unique and offered an exceptional real-time forex exchange platform. It enabled a faster turn-around time for transactions to be obtained by foreign exchange traders. He later got a position at Mellon Financial Corporation as Vice President. His trading skills grew during this time and it is when he founded the Learn to Trade Company, to bridge the gap for trading knowledge that lacked in the market. Learn to Trade is a leading company in the trading business worldwide. It has expanded drastically over the years and is now in London, Australia, and South Africa. The Company has trained over two hundred thousand people through seminars on how to trade. Greg Secker earns a living from trading in the forex market.

Greg used his struggles as learning points. Through this mistake and correction process, he has been able to make useful lessons to share with others regarding forex trading. These lessons turned in to a bigger business, Learn to Trade. Greg Secker has a great support system that includes his business partners, family, and friends. He also uses other people’s stories to learn which he considers a great aspect in his success. Greg is a strong believer in achieving goals, as long as one sets their mind to it.