Pursued not Persecuted: Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry is a strong and proud member of his community, he stands strong for what he believes in even though thoughts around him may fall short.

In the year 2018 first world countries consider Gareth Henry’s problem a minor process to comply with, thankfully he took asylum in Canada not only to escape persecution for being a homosexual athlete from Jamaica, but for being a human who is tired of hearing that his friends were killed because of their sexual preferences, and tired of feeling like he may be next.

Unfortunately, Gareth Henry may be seen or considered as Jamaica’s own modern day Rodney King, beaten and torn as a spectacle amongst 200 other people. Currently Henry remains untouched and strong as he takes the higher ground while residing in Canada declaring asylum status.

Canada has accepted Gareth Henry whom no longer has to face local fear mongering. Rather than just claiming to be a victim in Jamaica Henry is fighting back by bringing legal persecution against the government of Jamaica via the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights movement.

Amongst one of Henry’s most resent experiences in Jamaica which involved the police, Gareth Henry was beaten by those men in uniform whom he thought were sworn in to protect him as a non-violent male simply portraying his true emotions.

Despite persecution from local thugs and police, Henry continued to prevail in his community reaching out and trying to make a difference for those who have nothing to live for or no one to turn to because of their sexual identity.

Despite every hurdle that Henry to this day has had to overcome not only for himself but in the face of others, Henry continues to strive and poke at the Government of Jamaica to make a civilized change which will benefit the peaceful, and not the obtuse.