The Manse on Marsh Receives a Major Award

America’s population is aging, and there has never been a larger demand for assisted living communities. Older people need to be cared for, but they also want the freedom they enjoyed for the last sixty years. Quality assisted living are incredibly difficult to find, but Arroyo Grande is home to one amazing assisted living community.

The Manse on Marsh is an incredible community, and recently they received a major award. The Manse just received a “Caring Star” from This star recognizes quality assisted living facilities throughout the world. To qualify for a star you must meet three requirements. You must have at least one five star review. The facility also needs to average at least 4 stars. Finally, the facility cannot have any negative reviews that have gone unresolved. Manse is proud to receive the Caring Star for the second consecutive year. Manse received five 5-star reviews during the last year.

Manse on Marsh is proud to receive awards, but they have not taken their eyes off of their main goal. Manse wants to provide the best possible care. They have a top notch facility, so their guests are sure to have a great time. Guests have wonderful private suites to live in, and there is plenty of space for visitors to sit. The Manse also includes plenty of rooms for events, and they even have a movie theater.

Manse on Marsh knows that retirement can be boring without the proper entertainment. The Manse ensures that their residents have a great quality of life. They regularly hold dances throughout the year, and they bring in top quality instructors to give lessons. The facility also regularly offers trips to local icons. These trips take people to museums, movie theaters, and other exciting places to go. Seniors have a great time at the Manse.

The facility offers the best possible care. The Manse has made it a point to hire the best possible nurses to watch over their residents. These nurses are there whenever you need help.

The Manse on Marsh is proud to serve the Arroyo Grande community, and they hope to continue offering their services for years to come.  Check them out through their contact page, or visit them on Twitter @TheManseonMarsh.