Victoria Doramus : Hope Through Action

As one of New York’s most active philanthropist, Victoria Doramus has fully committed to not only giving back to various charities around the country but also promoting them to the general public. To really understand the level of action she has taken, here are a list of some of the charitable organizations that Victoria Doramus actively participates with.

The Amy Winehouse Foundation

The organization bears the name of the late singer Amy Winehouse. Unfortunately, at the age of 27, Amy passed away from alcohol poisoning. Today the organization which was formed by her family and friends works to prevent these issues from arising in young people and helping those who are struggling with addiction in finding support.

Women’s Prison Association

Through the WPA, Victoria Doramus has been able to help women who have been convicted of crimes such as theft or drug-related charges find prison time alternatives such as finding them a safe house, reuniting them with their children and educating them on the importance of money management. Through the education and tools provided by the WPA, women are given a second chance at life.

Room to Read

Another organization close to Victoria Doramus’s heart is Room to Read, a non-profit organization committed to end gender inequality around the world as well as improve literacy. Since its establishment in the year 2000, over 20,000 communities have benefited from their work.

Best Friends Animal Society

Although Victoria Doramus works with plenty of organizations that benefit mankind, she never forgets that other species are in need as well. Through her work with the Best Friends Animal Society, Victoria Doramus has been able to not only promote but convert many animal shelters across the country into no-kill shelters. Since its founding in the 1980s, The best friends animal society has been able to save millions of pets from being killed and many more in finding a loving home.

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